No More Holiday Laziness

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Hey yall, 

I realize it’s been awhile since I’ve blogged but the holidays keep me busy. It’s not that I did nothing over my Christmas break but I didn’t do as much as normal. I mean I ran for an hour and lifted over the break plus I rode a horse. I ended up not doing legs because I figured riding a horse worked my leg muscles pretty good. I did feel accomplished in the fact I wasn’t really sore after riding. 

Today I ended up running my 35 minutes that I was supposed to do Monday. My plan had me running for five minutes and then walking one. Again, I thought it was crazy and almost didn’t. Plus it seems to take a long time to catch up on the lack of sleep. However, I managed to actually do it. Towards the end I could start to feel my tiredness creep back in but I know I want to be a better runner, so I can’t stop. It ended up being a really good run and I felt accomplished. Plus I got to use my new Bluetooth headphones I got for Christmas. I just need to figure out the right size of ear buds so they don’t fall out when they get sweaty. 

My workout today was legs and abs. It only seemed fitting that I would work legs on my first day back at after Christmas break. Part of me is starting to feel like my squats are irritating my back. I could be doing it slightly off balance because of me trying to do it with dumbbells. I’m not really sure what is doing but I’ll figure it out one of these days. At least I got to do my abs today, which always makes me feel a little better. Plus I made sure to really engage my abs when doing the hanging leg raise. I feel like that helped a little or I just paying more attention and felt it more. I’m not really sure but I’ll take it. 


Christmas Eve Workout 

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Hey yall, 

Today I managed to get a workout in even though it’s Christmas Eve. I ran for an hour, which everyone has made fun of me for. It was crazy because it felt easy and I haven’t run that far in ages. I’m sure it helped my family has a nice treadmill. My mom and I also watched a Christmas movie during my run. I had lots of distractions from different things during my run. I also had a fan constantly blowing on me, so I never got crazy hot. Plus my mom gave me Batman socks last night, and that might have something to do with it. Not in the sense that I showed all my family and said “I’m Batman,” but the fact they were athletic socks the had compression. I’m sure it helped that I gave myself false confidence saying I’m Batman but I’m sure the real reason was because they were compression socks. My run still consisted off me running three minutes and then walking one. This definitely worried me some because I was going for an hour and it’s  been a while since I had to go that long. Anyways my run felt awesome 

I also worked out my biceps and triceps. My arms felt the pain early on because I could use the proper dumbbells. My biceps are already sore and I’ve yet to get them sore the same day. I’m feeling pretty good about that. Plus for my triceps my parents home has a triceps rope pull down that I could use. I’ve never been more excited for a machine I could use. It was fun working out with my mom because she always cheers me on. It’s funny, which sometimes makes it hard to lift. However, it can be needed to have that little extra cheering. 

We also went over to my grandfather’s house to celebrate Christmas. It was super meaningful in more than one way. I enjoy time with family always. 

Tis’ The Season

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Hey yall, 

I didn’t blog yesterday because I was busy driving to my home. I was crazy excited and got busy. I ended up making sugar cookies that my family greatly enjoyed. Pinterest for the win right there. Plus I did a good deep clean of my apartment. I’ve always enjoyed cleaning but doing a deep clean just leaves me with such a sense of accomplishment. However, even with everything I did I managed to get a run in. At least I’m not behind in my running and only my lifting. I’ve come to the conclusion I’m going to skip back day because of some swelling I found in my low back. I’m sure it’s nothing serious but I figure better safe than sorry. 

Today I did work out my shoulders and chest. My shoulders could really feel the pain from the workout because I could use weights that I  actually needed. Instead of doing 20 reps for each set I could actually do the 8-10 reps for each one. It was awesome. I greatly enjoy being home for the gym my family has in their home. My chest felt the pain from the workout because of the same reason. You never realize how much you enjoy having a full set of dumbbells until you don’t have them. 

My cardio for today was riding a horse. I mean it works all the muscles in the body. One’s that not a lot of workouts use. I absolutely love riding and find it to be the most therapeutic thing in the world. It keeps me sane. Not a lot of people have riden a horse,  but if you ever get the chance you’ll understand. There are muscles you never knew you had until you ride a horse. It was so much fun. 

“A horse is the projection of peoples’ dreams about themselves — strong, powerful, beautiful — and it has the capability of giving us escape from our mundane existence.”

~ Pam Brown

I also had a Christmas event with some family today. It was so nice to see everyone and enjoy each other’s company. 

Rest is Amazing 

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Hey yall, 

Yesterday I rested. I mean like I did nothing. It felt awesome. Even though I did nothing I still felt good about it. I mean I still walked my dogs around and did same laundry, but other than that it was a rest day. I’ve had days when I didn’t lift and I didn’t run, but I was always busy doing something else. 

Today however I did workout my arms. My biceps are fairly exhausted after today. I greatly feel like my day of true rest helped out a lot. At first I wasn’t sure how it would go but it went better than I hoped. I felt like I had energy to actually lift and get things down. My triceps are feeling just as sore and tired. I’m always trying to work them because I feel like they are one of the weaker parts of my arm. I was excited today’s workout went well. I almost did a double but I didn’t want to push it to much.

Shes adorable

For my cardio I walked for an hour. Even though this isn’t the same as running, I still felt like I got my heart rate up a little. I ended up using the hill setting on the treadmill. At first it seemed like it would be fairly easy, and it ended up being that way. However, you don’t realize how much work your legs are doing as the incline increases and the speed. When the treadmill gets you to the “top of the hill” you start to feel it. At least I did anyways. 

This has why it’s so tough for me to do anything sometimes

Sluggish Day

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Hey yall, 

Today I just felt sluggish and tired. I’m not sure if it’s because I’ve worked the past six days and the lack of sleep is catching up to me or what. Plus on top of the working non-stop I’ve been working out hard and my runs are increasing. It feels good to workout and be able to increase my distance. However, today I just feel tired. 

My workout today was back and abs. My back definitely felt the pain from the workout. It kinda stunk because a few exercises I had increased weight on I didn’t this time. I just felt like I had nothing left in me to give today. It was a struggle to lift some of the weights, even though they were lighter. But I managed to finish it and feel like I got a decent workout in. My ab workout didn’t feel quite as terrible but I don’t really lift anything, so that helps. They were still sore from my previous workout two days ago. 

My run today went better than I planned. I still only ran for 35 minutes. However, the plan had me running for three and then walking for one. At first I was hesitant to do the run like that because I wasn’t sure how it would go. It went well thankfully. The other reason I didn’t want to run that plan was because I had a big sinus headache coming on and I still have it. The bouncing running has on a body didn’t make my head feel any better. I finished it and still managed to the headache. Thankfully I didn’t struggle to much during my run and felt pretty good. I think that helped me out a lot. 

Crunch Time 

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Hey yall, 

I managed to actually squeeze a workout in today, since I only did cardio yesterday. I felt pretty successful. It can be challenging to get one in, since I had church and work to get to. Generally I don’t work Sundays but I picked up a shift. 

Ignore my awkward stance. I was feeling pretty today

Today was chest and shoulders. My shoulders for sure despise me because they hurt like crazy while I was lifting. To be fair I managed to increase my weight a little bit ago and it is still a struggle to lift them. My chest workout was a burner as well. I could definitely feel the burn. My workout went well considering I felt rushed for time. I managed to slow down and get in a decent workout. While I may have struggled slightly near the end to keep on working out my shoulders, I still finished… Barely. 

Found it entertaining I had make up on at the gym

I did manage to squeeze in some cardio time. It was only ten minutes and I only ran 8 of it. I walked for two minutes but I got a mile in. I felt pretty good for getting something in, considering it’s supposed to be my rest day from running. 

Cardio Day 

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Hey yall, 

It is just snowing away outside. I do love snow but I prefer it to be like this when I’m home. I don’t really want to be stranded at work because of nasty weather. Plus it’s always perfect to curl up in a blanket and drink some hot cocoa while reading or watching movies. 

How do I leave that face :’) so precious

Today I just did cardio. Mainly because of time restraints. My hubby and I still had a few Christmas things we needed to get for people. We used all of our budget for Christmas, but it makes us happy to give to others (guess I shouldn’t speak for him but I’m pretty certain I’m correct). 

Anyways I did a 45 minute run and it still felt amazing. Towards the end it got a little challenging but that’s to be expected. I pushed through the tough parts and kept on going. It was still a run three and then walk two plan. However, next week it changes to run three and then walk one. I’m quite positive on that. I’m excited about my runs and how they are going. Granted they are not near as fast as I wish, but I’ll get there. Just gotta go one step at a time. 

Figured might as well bring Spring to my work. My mother in law gave me this LLR shirt

Winter Weather 

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Hey yall, 

Today I had to wear a sweatshirt and sweats. It kinda stinks because then I have to take all of that nonsense off when I get to the gym. I ended up doing my double day today instead of yesterday because of some work issues. But hey it still got done. 

My workout today was biceps, triceps, legs, and abs. Today was one of those days I greatly wished to have a barbell and all the dumbbells. I’m ready to start lifting the 20 pound or 25 pound one for some of my exercises,  but I can’t because my apartment gym doesn’t have it. The barbell would be helpful for squats because I increased my weight and the dumbbell is large and awkward to do squats with. However, trying to do single leg squats with dumbbells is always fun. I greatly enjoy having two giant dumbbells by my side while balancing on one leg in order to do a squat. I don’t know if yall have ever done single leg squats but they are something else. I’m still wishing for the 20 pound dumbbells for curls because I can use those since I’m only supposed to be doing 8-10 reps. Once all of those fun exercises were over, I worked out my abs. They still hurt from my previous workout and only hurt worse the more I used them. However, my side planks are getting easier, which means it’s time to increase how long I hold them. I always feel accomplished when I can increase weight or time. 

I also ran today for 35 minutes again. It was still the run three minutes and walk two. Today my run felt crazy easy. It felt amazing to know that my runs are becoming easier and I can do it. Every time I feel myself having an easier run I get a huge smile. It makes me so happy to know that I’m doing better and getting myself back to where I once was. 

Let’s Do It

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Hey yall, 

Today was a good workout day. I felt a little more awake for this one, which might be because I could go to bed early since I didn’t work. It felt amazing and apparently I didn’t move last night because my husband was impressed by my ability to sleep that deep. Sometimes I amaze myself at how much I can sleep and how hard. 

For my workout it was chest, shoulders, back, and abs. My chest felt kinda sore from who knows what but my guess is yesterday when I did something. Who knows, I’m a little strange. My increased weight for  my shoulders workout is making me hurt. My shoulders barely last through one set, and I do four of them! However, I know it’s for a good cause and it is making me stronger. My shoulders pretty much despise me. I was super sweaty and gross and yet I felt pretty amazing. My back workout was intense. I basically increased my weight on all of my exercises. A few of them I probably pushed it slightly, but not enough to stop me. My back hurts now and is already sore but at least I got a good workout in. I almost didn’t do abs today. The main reason being I did them yesterday, and I knew the only reason I had them again was because I was doing a double workout. However, I figured abs can always use a good workout. They were sore from yesterday’s workout, which made it a little difficult but I finished it. My abs are going to hate me tomorrow because I can already feel the burn. I need to do a double workout tomorrow as well. 

I also ran today again. I went for about 35 minutes today. My plan had me back to running three minutes and then walking two. At first I thought I was misreading it but I looked ahead and saw I was about to go run for an hour in the next week or so. It felt good to run again. It was nice to run and feel like it was easy. Sometimes it’s nice to have easy runs and look forward to one you know will be a little challenging. 

Terrific Tuesday 

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Hey yall!

It has been a few days since I’ve blogged. We’ve been busy, busy, busy with work and socializing. On Sunday I ran a short 25 minutes. I would run 5 minutes and walk 1 minute. Part of the reason it at short was because we had plans with friends all day. I needed some time to clean and get ready for church. So after my short run my hubby and I went out with friends for lunch. Afterwards we walked around Bass Pro for awhile and enjoyed all their neat products. We then went back to our apartment to let out our puppies. They greatly appreciated it and enjoyed seeing our other friends that stopped by to see us. We went and wandered around Sam’s Club for awhile before enjoying a delicious meal. It was fun to see everyone. Even though I didn’t get a long run in, I had a lot of walking I got in. My only regret is not getting up early enough to lift as well. 

Yesterday I had no time to run or lift. I was at my work from 7:00am until 11:00pm. I pulled a double yesterday and I was not going to be getting up early to workout. I’ve learned in the past I can’t workout too late or it takes me forever to fall asleep. On the note, I also believe in sleep, which is why I won’t wake up that early to workout if I have to be at work for 16 hours. I’ll always be a firm believer in sleep.

My puppy slept with me today

Today, however, I got a 45 minute run in. It was also a fun five minutes and then walk one minute. I’m not gonna lie I was a little intimidated by this because it is starting to get longer time and distance. This gives me more time to get in my head and freak myself out. However, I did pretty good in my mind. I did stop about 20 minutes in because I desperately had to use the bathroom. I’m one that will hold it unless it’s going to make me miserable, because I have to walk clear back to my apartment to use it. Anyways when I got back people had come in. They did one of the strangest workouts I’ve seen. It’s like the guy didn’t have a real plan on what he was doing and just using whatever machine looked good. The lady was on the bike but only really seemed to be going when the guy came over to talk to her. Plus they smelled bad like smoke. I’m not judging them for smoking however, I just don’t enjoy smelling it while I run. I do believe they helped me keep out of my head because I wanted to run like I was a professional or something (weird I know, I think it has more to do with looking like I was in shape). Once the left I didn’t have long to go and barely got in my head. When I did I got myself out of it early enough, my run went well. 

I also did legs and abs today. Today was one of those days I wish I had a barbell because it would make increasing weight for squats easier. The more weight the dumbbell is the bigger it is, which makes it harder to be out of the way for squatting. But I did manage to increase in weight on the leg press. I generally feel good about that every time I do. My leg curl weight increased, which I thought would never happen. My thighs were sore and hurt worse than my hamstrings when I did the leg curls (they are lying down ones). My abs felt sore today during my workout. It might have to do with the fact I did minute long planks. When I did that the first time today I wanted to scream with joy. However, there was someone else in there running. I kept my composure and just kept going. It felt good to get a workout in after having a few days off. 

Hope everyone had a great weekend!