Double or Nothing 

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Hey yall, just so you know the title has nothing to do with gambling. However, it does have to do with my workout. Hazzah! I’m sure you figured as much,  but I’m sarcastic and find it necessary to explain things. I’ve decided to finish my workout plan this week, even though I missed a week. In order to do this I have to do two workouts a day. I am very goal oriented and I plan on making this goal. If I can make this goal, I’ll feel accomplished for the week. 

Today’s workout was mainly upper body. The only main muscle not incurred was chest for that region. I did shoulders, back, biceps, and triceps. Once I finished I may have wondered how I was going to take a shower. My arms were so weak feeling, which strangely was a good feeling. It’s nice to know I worked out hard enough I was going to struggle (probably regret it tomorrow, nah). Today I felt like a beast. 

I managed to increase my weight for shoulders and triceps! Those two muscle groups are my weakest and I struggle with them. Along with that I increased weight when working out my back. Go me! My biceps are generally a little more challenging because my apartment gym is missing dumbbells, so I haven’t figured out how to increase when it jumps from fifteen pounds to thirty. If it was a smaller gap, I might be ok. 

I did run before I lifted, and I am thankful I did. A family came in but it was only the men of the family. The majority were teenage boys. While the boys just stood around looking clueless, the dad just used the bike looking about as clueless. I have no problems sharing a small gym but it can be awkward. Especially being a woman lifting, instead of just doing cardio. An article from bodybuilding explains it well.

Anyways back to my run. I have decided to follow a running plan for the half marathon in March. It’ll make it easier on me. When I get back into running after some time off, I struggle easing my way back into it. I try to pick right up where I started and clearly I can’t do that. No matter how hard I try I can’t,  and I know that. So I’m hoping that by following a couch to half-marathon plan, I’ll ease back into it. Here’s to hopes and futures.  🙂 


Interesting Article

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I found this link on Facebook but it’s really good. She makes an excellent point about many things. In order to accept ourselves, we have to give all our insecurities to God. It shouldn’t be about comparing ourselves. This relates to running in a different sort of way. For one thing as runners we compare to each other like crazy. I know personally I feel like I’m an awful runner (not really sure how you can be bad at it, but whatever) and compare myself to people who have been running for years upon years. Running has become such a huge part of my life it’s hard to believe I’ve only been a “runner” for a few years. I really have to try hard to not compare myself to others and be happy with my progress as a runner.