Hey Yall, 

I barely got up today in order to workout. However, I knew I’d never do it after work because I’d be to tired. So I managed to get up and lift. It was biceps and triceps day. I felt pretty accomplished because I increased my reps for my tricep exercises. All of them somehow. For my standing dumbbell tricep extensions I think I might be able to increase my weight the next time I do them. Plus for my dumbbell palms up lift I increased my weight today. So even though I didn’t want to get up, I still managed to increase reps and weight for different exercises. 


One thought on “Determination 

  1. You are very motivated. Today I was to accomplish Ab day but due to hot weather I didn’t managed to get to it. I angoing to my old gym tomorrow and Friday and I always get a good workout with my old crew. Good job. Keep it up!!!

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