Let’s Do It

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Hey yall, 

Today was a good workout day. I felt a little more awake for this one, which might be because I could go to bed early since I didn’t work. It felt amazing and apparently I didn’t move last night because my husband was impressed by my ability to sleep that deep. Sometimes I amaze myself at how much I can sleep and how hard. 

For my workout it was chest, shoulders, back, and abs. My chest felt kinda sore from who knows what but my guess is yesterday when I did something. Who knows, I’m a little strange. My increased weight for  my shoulders workout is making me hurt. My shoulders barely last through one set, and I do four of them! However, I know it’s for a good cause and it is making me stronger. My shoulders pretty much despise me. I was super sweaty and gross and yet I felt pretty amazing. My back workout was intense. I basically increased my weight on all of my exercises. A few of them I probably pushed it slightly, but not enough to stop me. My back hurts now and is already sore but at least I got a good workout in. I almost didn’t do abs today. The main reason being I did them yesterday, and I knew the only reason I had them again was because I was doing a double workout. However, I figured abs can always use a good workout. They were sore from yesterday’s workout, which made it a little difficult but I finished it. My abs are going to hate me tomorrow because I can already feel the burn. I need to do a double workout tomorrow as well. 

I also ran today again. I went for about 35 minutes today. My plan had me back to running three minutes and then walking two. At first I thought I was misreading it but I looked ahead and saw I was about to go run for an hour in the next week or so. It felt good to run again. It was nice to run and feel like it was easy. Sometimes it’s nice to have easy runs and look forward to one you know will be a little challenging. 


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