Cardio Day 

fitness, goals, half marathon, hubby, lifting, puppy

Hey yall, 

It is just snowing away outside. I do love snow but I prefer it to be like this when I’m home. I don’t really want to be stranded at work because of nasty weather. Plus it’s always perfect to curl up in a blanket and drink some hot cocoa while reading or watching movies. 

How do I leave that face :’) so precious

Today I just did cardio. Mainly because of time restraints. My hubby and I still had a few Christmas things we needed to get for people. We used all of our budget for Christmas, but it makes us happy to give to others (guess I shouldn’t speak for him but I’m pretty certain I’m correct). 

Anyways I did a 45 minute run and it still felt amazing. Towards the end it got a little challenging but that’s to be expected. I pushed through the tough parts and kept on going. It was still a run three and then walk two plan. However, next week it changes to run three and then walk one. I’m quite positive on that. I’m excited about my runs and how they are going. Granted they are not near as fast as I wish, but I’ll get there. Just gotta go one step at a time. 

Figured might as well bring Spring to my work. My mother in law gave me this LLR shirt


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