Gloomy Days


Hey Yall, 

Today rained pretty much all day. It was crazy gross. I also walked hills today or rather one. My walk was 75 minutes long. It started off at the four degree incline and I worked my way up to twelve degree incline and then ended up at no incline. It ended up being a good walk even though outside made me want to do nothing. Plus my goal each day is to 10,000 steps, except on rest day. Thus far I have succeed in getting all the steps in. 

For my weights I did shoulders and abs. I figured abs twice a week wouldn’t hurt. I mean, I’m pregnant, so those muscles could use all the help they can get. My shoulder workout consisted of side lateral raise, dumbell shoulder press, front raise, and shoulder shrug. On one of them I managed to increase my weight, which I’m turn killed my shoulders for the rest of the workout. My ab workout consisted of side planks, barbell roll out, and weighted twist. I forgot how much I hated side planks. They work great and you can really feel it but they also suck at the same time. 


Sweet Child of Mine


Hey Yall 

Yesterday I took a rest day. I think it was very much needed, since I do cardio and weights every time I work out. Plus things are starting to make me tired quicker. I realize it’s a pregnancy thing,  but I’m still used to having energy for doing even more. However, this child of mine was active yesterday. Each day it seems like I can feel the movement even more. Today for instance my baby was active in the morning like crazy. Hopefully it doesn’t mean he/she will be an early riser.

It’s actually closer to 8:30, if not before now. 😴

Today’s workout was biceps and back. My biceps were feeling like jello by the end of it. I did hammer curls, incline bench curls, alternate curls, and concentration curls. Can I just point out how much I despise incline curls? Seriously, they are awful. I mean they work wonders and really work your muscle but that’s why they stink. My back is something that I’m bad about just being lazy on. I’m never really that worried about working it out, but I should be better. Anyways, I did dumbbell one arm row, close grip lat pull down, and cable seated row. The lat pull down I have to do a few extra reps because I can’t lift over 40 pounds. I need it heavier to actually work out my muscle by repetition works too.

She’s always happy to take a picture with me😂

My walk today went really well. Probably because I took a rest day. My body needed it worse than I thought (who would’ve thought). I can always get my baby to fall asleep (at least I think he/she goes to sleep) when I start walking. In the beginning I can feel him/her moving but by the end he/she is no longer moving. Generally when I’m done walking I take a break and eat a little something before lifting. At the point my little one starts stirring again. So I go lift and then go outside with my mutts, which usually puts him/her back to sleep. The baby gets active again before I go to sleep and after dinner. 

He just looks sad all the time 😂 he was just being a baby because he wanted something another dog had

Trying Tuesday 


Hey yall, 
So for today I decided to walk 45 minutes doing it at an incline. The first ten were at a six degree incline. The next ten were at an eight degree incline. I then decided to go for a twelve degree incline but only for about five minutes. Then I went back down to six degree incline for ten minutes. I finished it up at a four degree incline and the last minute or so was at a two degree incline. During this walk my head started pounding and it just felt more draining than normal. I’m pretty certain part of it is the crazy change in weather. The weather change seems to affect me worse now that I’m pregnant. Anyways I finally got through it and finished, but didn’t feel like super light headed at the end of the walk. 

My lifting was chest and triceps today. For my chest workout I did the butterfly, chest press on the machine, bench press with dumbbells at an incline, and incline dumbbell fly. I managed to increase my weights on the fly, so I was feeling pretty good. As for my triceps I did rope push down, dumbbell triceps kick back, and dumbell extensions. It’s been awhile since I’ve been able to do the rope extensions. My apartment gym didn’t have one, so I did a make shift thing. It was nice to have the real thing. 

She seemed to think that if she sat on me I wouldn’t leave

Today was cloudy and gross. My dog managed to trap a racoon and didn’t want to leave it alone. Thankfully it never escalated past her just barking at it. All the mutts got a visit from the neighbors dog today. It’s owner was constantly calling him/her back. Eventually the mutts got bored and let the neighbor dog go home. I’m sure they enjoyed playing though. I also had one an interesting interview for a job. It was one with a one way video interview. Something I’ve never done and it was awkward but at least it is done, so the next step is a face to face interview. 

Monday, oh Monday


Hey hey, 

It was another day of working out. I walked my 4 miles inside today. It was in the 70s but when the wind is 40+ more it tends to put a damper on it. Plus it helps if my mom runs the one dog and I walk the other two. She wasn’t running outside today, so I was inside. Anyways it still was a good walk and got me a good workout. I had the incline on the whole time but only at half a degree. Even though the workout area is freezing, I managed to still break a sweat. 

Just because it was crazy windy doesn’t mean I didn’t enjoy outside

I decided to change up my workout, partly because I’m pregnant but also so I don’t stress about it. Originally I had it worked out so I needed 6 days to lift. Well Saturdays we tend to be busy no matter what. So I changed it up a little. Now I only work out 4 days a week and work each muscle group once a week. I think this will help me to my get so worn out and to not over push it. Today’s workout was legs and abs. I seem to have a tendency to work out legs first, probably to get it over with. Anyways I did dumbell squats, leg curls, standing calf raises, leg extensions, thigh abductor, and thigh adductor. The thigh exercises really work my hip muscles, which I find to be useful for pregnancy. Plus since I broke my pelvis I try to workout that area for extra strength. I also did abs today. Working out that area seems to be very important when pregnant. My exercises were the plank, dumbell side bends, and dumbbell seated twist. Now for the plank I only held 30 seconds at a time. Partly because it’s been so long, and my dad kept making me laugh while I was trying to hold it (makes it a little challenging). I really didn’t go crazy on the abs because I figured I’m pregnant, and it’s not good for me to lay flat on my back (limits the exercises I can do). 

Freezing Friday 

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Hey yall, 

Today I walked inside because it was freezing outside. Between the wind and it just not getting warm out, I had no chance of staying warm while walking. My 4 miles went by pretty easy. I didn’t do any incline today because I figured I’d rest my legs a little bit. It went by quickly, which is probably because I watched TV. Always goes by faster then. Plus I had my Garmin Vivoactive track my walk. Granted, it’s never as accurate as when your walking outside. However, according to it I went longer than 4 miles. Generally when I use it, my watch shows me not going as far. 

The mutts didn’t really want to cooperate for a good picture.

My workout today was shoulders and chest. On one of my shoulder workouts I increased my weight, which is always fun. I did not increase my weight on chest, but I can still feel it nonetheless. As always it was a good workout that I could really feel in my shoulders. They still felt pretty sore when I started working them out today. But I managed to push through and do more weight. 

It’s crazy how you can see when I started working out more seriously. My first trimester all I wanted to do was sleep.

Good pain vs bad 

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Hey yall, 

Today was leg day again. I took out my lunges though because my “What to Expect When Expecting” book said that it would be better to not do those while pregnant. It’s because I’m more clumsy then normal, and I am more prone to injury. Personally I didn’t research it that much because I despise walking lunges anyways. It just made a good excuse to not do them. However, I do think I did one of my exercises slightly wrong on accident. The right side of my leg is sore and not from working it out. I’ve learned to tell the different pains in my body, for the most part. Hopefully it just heals up nicely. 

I just took this pic. It was pretty outside

I had a mixture of cardio for today. My main cardio was walking on the treadmill. I had the treadmill at different angles, so it was like I was going up a hill. Sometimes it amazes me how walking at a step incline can be challenging. I did that for about 45 minutes. My other cardio was just out walking with the dogs. I also through the tennis ball for awhile. The dogs played keep away from each other. It was entertaining. 


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Hey, hey

Today I walked my 4 miles inside. Between the rain from last night and it raining during the day, I knew it wouldn’t work to walk outside. Walking inside is always fun with a TV set up in front of the treadmill. I walked the first and third mile at a one degree incline. My last mile I walked it at a half a degree incline. Since tomorrow is leg day and my legs are still a little sore, I figured I better not walk the whole time at an incline. It was interesting to walk during the time I did,  because both my parents were lifting weights at that time. It didn’t end up well for them and one came back later to finish. I mean it is a home gym in a room that isn’t finished in the basement. 

Today’s lifting consisted of biceps and triceps. I’m not really sure I’m going to be able to do much with my arms tomorrow, but we shall see. I did feel pretty good about being able to still use the 15 pound dumbbells for most of my lifts for biceps. My triceps just hated me at the end. My arms were jello and begging to be done. The exercises I did were: alternate hammer curls, alternate bicep curls, dumbbell incline curl, concentration curls, bench dips, standing triceps extension, triceps kickback, and alternate triceps extension. By the end of all that my arms were ready for a break. 

I tasted good after my workout apparently

I did walk around outside with the mutts today. In the morning I let them out for about an hour and walked them around. Granted, I didn’t walk that whole time. They had to get put away, since my parents had people coming over to put stuff on the attic. Anyways after that I let them out again and played with them for about an hour. Again, I walked them around for a little bit but they were more interested in chewing on bones. When we made dinner tonight, it was fun because my hubby was involved along with my mom and I. Sometimes it’s nice to make dinner as a family. 

Isn’t it how every dog sits?

Rainy Day 

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Hey yall! 

Today I worked out my shoulders and chest. I was pretty excited because my new shoes came in. I was trying to not wear my other work out shoes in my parent’s workout room, since I’ve worn them outside. Anyways, I increased my weight for my chest exercises unintentionally. I wasn’t paying attention to what it was set at and just did it where it was. Thankfully, it didn’t put me over the weight lifting limits I have. However, I felt pretty accomplished since I still managed to lift more weight on the machines. That will max me out until I’m no longer pregnant, but I can always increase reps when it starts getting super easy. 

Batman socks make everything better

For my cardio I walked around outside with my mutts. It was only about a mile and a half but it was on my family’s land. None of the land is smooth and flat. Most of it consist of clumps of grass everywhere and random spots that water has dug its way through the ground. But my dogs enjoyed walking around with me and playing in the water. I figured I got a decent workout with the hills and uneven land. 

This was super smelly today and it smelled amazing

Spring Weather

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Hey yall, 

Today was absolutely gorgeous outside. I figured it would be a good day to walk outside. Now, I am currently living on a gravel (dirt) road. Generally this isn’t a big issue,  because I can run or walk on gravel. However, I am pregnant and took both my dogs with me. My mom ran with my brothers dog. I was never graceful before I got pregnant, and it only got worse after becoming pregnant. Needless to say, I walked on a trail that didn’t have loose gravel everywhere. 

The walk turned out better than I expected. I kept my pace between a 3.6 and 4.0 (basically a 15 minute mile and a little slower) the whole time. Considering I had two dogs, hills, and mud, I thought I did pretty good. I also figured I’d be slower because I had no one there to push me. Thankfully, I have learned to push myself. I ended up going further then 4 miles. I was curious when the trail would have the 2 mile marker, and I had started my watch before it said 0. My dogs would walk in the mud on the trail and seemed to get great joy out of splashing it. They also would walk along the side in the water. I didn’t care, since I knew that cement had to be hot. Plus they still kept up with me for the most part. 

I also worked out my legs today. They were still sore from Thursday… But hey that means I’m working my muscle. At first I thought maybe I should wait but I figured it wouldn’t kill me, so I would be just fine. It’s always nice to have sore muscles and then work them out again. Plus I’m feeling a tad bit healthier, since my family can afford all the healthy food. I probably shouldn’t get used to it… Oh well. My legs probably won’t let me go up and down the stairs tomorrow but such as life. The workout was intense as always and made my legs jello again. 

We wore them out

Day Two

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Hey yall, 

Today I actually truly walked 4 miles on the treadmill. Technically it was a little more because this treadmill does a cool down, and I figured it couldn’t hurt anything. It went well even though my legs are sore from yesterdays workout. Since it was raining today, I thought I’d be safe and just walk inside. However, generally when I walk inside I get super bored because there’s nothing to look at. It helps I found an interesting show to watch. 

My lifting consisted of shoulders and chest today. Due to the fact I’m pregnant, it makes doing chest workouts a little more challenging. They suggest you don’t do exercises that require you to be flat on your back. A good chunk of chest workouts, at least with dumbbells, are flat on your back. So instead of being flat, I did them at inclines. My shoulders were sore by the end, which is good. The last rep I had for my chest exercise I could tell my muscles had just about had it. I felt so accomplished. My workout consisted of dumbbell shoulder press, dumbbell lateral raise, dumbbell shoulder shrug, dumbbell front raise, machine press, machine butterfly, dumbbell incline bench press, and dumbbell incline fly. They all basically were 3 sets with 10 reps.