Pet Peeves

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Hey yall! 

I had a crazy weekend last week, which is why I didn’t blog. My husband and I went to St. Louis for a wedding for one of his friends. On Friday I hung out with my mother-in-law, along with some friends. It was a lot of fun to see the historic part of St. Charles, MO. Even though there’s that crazy myth about in-laws not being any good, I think it’s all false. Friday basically was some walking around and hanging out. My husband went and played golf with his dad. It sounds like he did alright, even though he twisted his knee really bad (we are prone to hurting ourselves). 

Saturday, before the wedding, my husband and I checked out the zoo. It was huge! We never did finish it because of the time restraints, since we had to be presentable for the wedding. Next year apparently they are getting grizzly bears. I personally think that’s cool. Saturday my “workout” was walking around for about two and a half hours. Honestly, I don’t care that I didn’t get to lift or run because I spent the day with my husband. 

It was a lot of fun but with the start of a new week, it is time to get moving again. Today, my husband had the morning off, so we went for a walk with our dogs to a new trail. I really wanted to walk this trail before I started running it. It helps a lot to know a little bit about the trail before hand, I think anyways. My hubby thinks he knows a way to get there quicker, which I’m looking forward to learning (I don’t want to drive forever with my dog). It is much longer than the nature trail I had been running at. Needless to say we enjoyed the new trail, and so did my dogs. We went 4 miles, and I’m so proud of my hubby for going that long. 

Guess who wore the pups out

Today I started a new workout program. I’m excited to see how it goes and how it’ll help with my progress. It is a little more intense because it’s six days a week and always focusing on certain muscle groups. Today at chest, triceps, and abs. There were eight different exercises. It was crazy, but the good kind. I also ran half an hour today. I mean I didn’t do it all together, but I did it. When it comes up running, I told myself I had to follow the couch to half marathon plan. So that means running three minutes and walking two. It may not be exactly how I want to run, but it’ll help prevent me from getting hurt. 

Lastly, my biggest pet peeve of the gym is people who don’t put back their weights on the rack. Now, keep in mind I just lift at my apartment gym. There is very little space as it is. Well, there was like the different sets of dumbbells just letting around the floor. It’s really not that hard to put back your weights. Just like it’s not hard to clean up with a sanitary wipe. The complex provides them, so use them. Anyhow, rant over. 

Really just found this funny.


Double or Nothing 

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Hey yall, just so you know the title has nothing to do with gambling. However, it does have to do with my workout. Hazzah! I’m sure you figured as much,  but I’m sarcastic and find it necessary to explain things. I’ve decided to finish my workout plan this week, even though I missed a week. In order to do this I have to do two workouts a day. I am very goal oriented and I plan on making this goal. If I can make this goal, I’ll feel accomplished for the week. 

Today’s workout was mainly upper body. The only main muscle not incurred was chest for that region. I did shoulders, back, biceps, and triceps. Once I finished I may have wondered how I was going to take a shower. My arms were so weak feeling, which strangely was a good feeling. It’s nice to know I worked out hard enough I was going to struggle (probably regret it tomorrow, nah). Today I felt like a beast. 

I managed to increase my weight for shoulders and triceps! Those two muscle groups are my weakest and I struggle with them. Along with that I increased weight when working out my back. Go me! My biceps are generally a little more challenging because my apartment gym is missing dumbbells, so I haven’t figured out how to increase when it jumps from fifteen pounds to thirty. If it was a smaller gap, I might be ok. 

I did run before I lifted, and I am thankful I did. A family came in but it was only the men of the family. The majority were teenage boys. While the boys just stood around looking clueless, the dad just used the bike looking about as clueless. I have no problems sharing a small gym but it can be awkward. Especially being a woman lifting, instead of just doing cardio. An article from bodybuilding explains it well.

Anyways back to my run. I have decided to follow a running plan for the half marathon in March. It’ll make it easier on me. When I get back into running after some time off, I struggle easing my way back into it. I try to pick right up where I started and clearly I can’t do that. No matter how hard I try I can’t,  and I know that. So I’m hoping that by following a couch to half-marathon plan, I’ll ease back into it. Here’s to hopes and futures.  🙂 

Thinking Day

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Today was basically a rest day. I claim all Sundays as rest days. It’s the one day of the week no matter how badly I want to run or lift I will not do it. The only exception is if I’m training for something and I missed a session. It forces me to always take a minimum of one rest day a week, but I aim for two at least. It’s important to reflect on progress and what my goals are, well at least I think so. 

My 5 month old puppy, who’s 55 pounds :’)

However, my husband and I went for a walk around a park near us. It’s gorgeous area that goes around a lake. On this walk we saw a doe that was not worried about my dogs at all. Today was not crazy hot and humid, which made it wonderful. It was so pretty outside. When I get to walk with my husband it is something special to me, because I have this free time where we forget about all the troubles in the world. If we do ponder the troubles, it seems we find a solution for them once in a while on our walks (obviously depending on what we are pondering). 

Today I talked to him about my plans for next year when it comes to running. I had been thinking about it and what my goals are for next year, which I’m going to try to accomplish before I go back to school. 

My goals in order:

  1. Run another half marathon 
  2. Run a full marathon 
  3. Run the 15k/50k Challenge 

Two crazy pups. They get so excited for walks

I’ll be ecstatic if I get the first two done, since that’s a lot of training. I am also going to try to run a few 5ks in between the races and get my husband to join. One of these days I’ll make him a runner. He may not be long distance but that’s ok. 

Saturday Shenanigans

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So I honestly made that title just to use the word shenanigans. Only reason, plus it sounds cool. Anyways is Saturday! It’s a gorgeous day outside, and I have the pleasure of being in the car for most of it. Woohoo! Can you sense my sarcasm? 

Today was leg day… It was great joyous fun and I loved every minute of it. Ha not really but it wasn’t that terrible either. Tomorrow I might be saying something else when I can’t walk though. The plan had about 5 different exercises with four sets each, and the last two sets were drop sets. I don’t know about yall, but that’s sucks. By the time I got to the end I had no strength left, which is the point but still. The first two sets had ten reps each,  and the last two had ten reps with the drop set being twenty. It was crazy but it felt good at the same time. My workout pants helped me to keep going with those last few reps. They are bright and colorful, so I  figured I better keep at it that way I will feel comfortable in them (one of these days). 

Today’s run was a little strange because I split it up. I was not sure how much my body could handle being back,  and I would rather not hurt myself worse.  So before my workout I ran fifteen minutes and after I ran ten. I do believe I can handle my thirty at once again. Along with that going back on the nature trail. My husband wanted me to only go fifteen because he was worried about me hurting myself, sense I have a tendency to push it to hard to fast (I’m learning…slowly). In my head I could run that ten minutes after because I felt good. However, considering I ran before I lifted and then I lifted for half an hour (leg day never takes me very long) after that, I did not run those last ten minutes great. It may also have to do with the fact I only had breakfast, so my body was trying to figure out where to get energy. Although I generally workout before breakfast, but I don’t generally run that early for that long  (I enjoy coffee to much). Sometimes I’ll just run a quick ten minutes early in the morning. But I did run the first ten minutes faster than I normally do, which may have something to do with it as well. 

Today we are going to visit our friend who moved an hour away from us, which is rude. I am just kidding, it made sense for them to move there. My husband and I are finally able to go see their new place. Along with that we are taking them to his parents’ house for a fish fry. I realize fried fish is not healthy, but I figured it’s once maybe twice a year. Plus it’s family thing, which is most important. Should be a fun Saturday full of shenanigans (yeah… I just wanted to use that word again). Have a great rest of the weekend y’all! 

New Years Resolution 

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Hey y’all,

For those that have been following, I disappeared for a long while. I could give you all the excuses in the world. I did manage to workout, even though I never blogged about it. It was nice to take some time off and figure things out.

The Excuses (yes, I realize there are no good ones):

  • newlywed
  • going to move to Wheaton for school but things fell through
  • had to find a new place to live, but in the same city I currently live in
  • trying to figure out school
  • illnesses within the family and me personally
  • LIFE

However, I’m back at it. I really did workout but not to the intensity I wish I would have. A little over two weeks ago I started an intense workout from I seriously love that website, it gives me tips and tricks and replacement exercises if my gym does not have the equipment. It is the best! Plus it gives you the ability to read other people’s experiences and what worked for them. Along with that you can buy to help your workout. Anyways enough about


The workout has me going for four days of lifting and cardio and the other days are active rest. I did end up taking last week off due to a personal injury that hindered my mobility a great deal. While it sucked to take last week off from running and lifting, it was much needed and now I feel energized and ready to go. I still can not go as far as I wish I could on running because of the injury, but I will be there by the end of the week for sure (that would be tomorrow I guesss). The workout I managed to find on (go figure). It is intense but oh so rewarding.


Today was shoulders and triceps, which are my two weakest muscle groups. They have always been my weakest, which is probably because I do not use them that often. It was awful, and I coould barely move my arms at the end. While it was a struggle ot make a protein shake, it was worth it at the same time. The workout had me do 7 different workouts with a variety of different exercises. I always feel crazy week when I have to work my triceps and shoulders and get crazy self-conscious. Oh well, everyone has to start somewhere I suppose. On the plus side I look stylin’ in my new running shoes when I workout.

I got probably way more excited then I should have when I got these, but my other shoes were over a year old. Even a novice like me knows that is way to long to have a decent pair of running shoes, especially since I trained and ran a half marathon in them. The guy was crazy friendly and that place will always have my husband and mine’s business. He managed to talk me into two new pair of running socks, which I was informed I would love. They are made to work well on nature trails and pavement, since where I run is both. I am also hoping to run another half-marathon next year and maybe a full if I can convince my husband it is necessary. He is pretty supportive with all my running craziness thankfully. He even works out with me, which is fabulous because it gives us time in the morning together. We workout before work at 6am…never in my life did I think that I could do that or him. Now I prefer it over the afternoon with the exception of running. Personally I would like that later in the afternoon when it is still cool out but the sun is out so I can enjoy nature.

Anyways my husband and I are back on track to working out consistently. It feels good to be back at it, especially with someone I love dearly. I am crazy excited for the rest of this year and what it holds. We are just starting the typical new year’s resolution everyone does every year early. Well…that’s what we are telling ourselves anyways.