Gloomy Days


Hey Yall, 

Today rained pretty much all day. It was crazy gross. I also walked hills today or rather one. My walk was 75 minutes long. It started off at the four degree incline and I worked my way up to twelve degree incline and then ended up at no incline. It ended up being a good walk even though outside made me want to do nothing. Plus my goal each day is to 10,000 steps, except on rest day. Thus far I have succeed in getting all the steps in. 

For my weights I did shoulders and abs. I figured abs twice a week wouldn’t hurt. I mean, I’m pregnant, so those muscles could use all the help they can get. My shoulder workout consisted of side lateral raise, dumbell shoulder press, front raise, and shoulder shrug. On one of them I managed to increase my weight, which I’m turn killed my shoulders for the rest of the workout. My ab workout consisted of side planks, barbell roll out, and weighted twist. I forgot how much I hated side planks. They work great and you can really feel it but they also suck at the same time. 


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