Winter Weather 

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Hey yall, 

Today I had to wear a sweatshirt and sweats. It kinda stinks because then I have to take all of that nonsense off when I get to the gym. I ended up doing my double day today instead of yesterday because of some work issues. But hey it still got done. 

My workout today was biceps, triceps, legs, and abs. Today was one of those days I greatly wished to have a barbell and all the dumbbells. I’m ready to start lifting the 20 pound or 25 pound one for some of my exercises,  but I can’t because my apartment gym doesn’t have it. The barbell would be helpful for squats because I increased my weight and the dumbbell is large and awkward to do squats with. However, trying to do single leg squats with dumbbells is always fun. I greatly enjoy having two giant dumbbells by my side while balancing on one leg in order to do a squat. I don’t know if yall have ever done single leg squats but they are something else. I’m still wishing for the 20 pound dumbbells for curls because I can use those since I’m only supposed to be doing 8-10 reps. Once all of those fun exercises were over, I worked out my abs. They still hurt from my previous workout and only hurt worse the more I used them. However, my side planks are getting easier, which means it’s time to increase how long I hold them. I always feel accomplished when I can increase weight or time. 

I also ran today for 35 minutes again. It was still the run three minutes and walk two. Today my run felt crazy easy. It felt amazing to know that my runs are becoming easier and I can do it. Every time I feel myself having an easier run I get a huge smile. It makes me so happy to know that I’m doing better and getting myself back to where I once was. 


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