Say What


Hey hey,

My run went surprisingly well. I don’t know if I was really just that into my show or my body is remembering this whole running thing. Each time I ran it felt easy and I always questioned that I was done already. It was really nice to feel that easy running come back. However, next week my run time increases so we’ll see how I’m feeling then. I was still smart and didn’t increase my running time today or my speed. My goal is to focus on endurance first and then work on speed. I may not be super fast (not that I ever will be) but at least I won’t be hurting myself. Plus yesterday I managed to hit my step goal (it isn’t that high since giving birth) without having to run. I felt pretty accomplished. 

My lifts today were abs, chest, and shoulders. I ended up rushing my last few shoulder exercises because I thought my boy was starting to wake up. Turns out he wasn’t but it is better safe than sorry. For abs my plan had me doing lying leg lifts and bicycles. It also wanted me to go side planks, but I really wasn’t feeling them. The lying leg lifts I could feel working and thought I wouldn’t push it. For my chest and shoulders I did incline bench press, incline flyes, triceps push down, Arnold dumbbell press, seated side lateral raise, and front dumbbell raise. I used all light weight, which made me feel like I was going way backwards compared to what I used to do. I know it is better that way to slowly ease my way back into it but still. My body is all sorts of different since giving birth and it is like I am relearning things about it. I’m also just learning new things about it. 


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