Movin and a Groovin 


Hey Yall,

I managed to run again. My legs are still a little sore from Monday. It isn’t really my legs persay but my hips. I know it is probably because I gave birth and my hips are stretched out and whatnot. However, once I started going it didn’t really bother me. My baby boy laid in his rock and play and smiled as I went. Towards the end of my run though he fell asleep. My running time was for a 10 minute mile pace. The interval it had me at was 1 minute run and 1 1/2 minute walk, along with a five minute warm up and cool down. My dad had mentioned that I should get back to just lifting. To just do lots of reps with light weight. In my head I knew I was just delaying because I could.

However, I did manage to lift weights today. It was leg day, which is always a fun way to start. So I did what my dad recommended. All my exercises were light weights with reps between 25-30. It surprisingly felt really good to get my muscles moving again. My exercises included: barbell squats, lunges, one legged barbell squats, calf raises, leg curls, and a different version of leg press. I’m sure it’ll be a struggle to walk tomorrow, but it was so worth it.


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