All the Feels


Hey Yall, 

I’m not going to lie I purposely didn’t workout the past two days. I slept in and it was great. Honestly on Tuesday I didn’t really sleep in. I had a training for work that started earlier than my normal time. I’m really starting to feel that third trimester exhaustion. Even my once easy workouts are starting to become a challenge. I mean everything is growing, well kinda. Today I had a doctor’s appointment and was pretty certain when they weighed me I hadn’t gained anything from the last visit. Oh well. I definitely eat lots of food (at least I think it is). Plus we got the crib and dresser for our little guy over the weekend. It made me feel like I was just learning I was pregnant all over again. Seriously the best feeling ever. This weekend I have a baby shower that I’m crazy excited for, which has me feeling so ready to meet our little one. Anyways I’m on a pregnancy high for this little guy that I already love so much. 

As for my workout. Today was leg and ab day. My workout surprisingly went well. I could really feel me tiring out from it by the end. So I skipped my side planks. I figure I did normal planks and dumbbell side bends that was good enough. Also I try not to push it too much during this time. Today I also switched up my thigh adductor and abductor lifts. Instead of having them be with weights I did the body only versions. I feel like I’m not getting anywhere with them and they seem to cause issues at times. I’m hoping that by just doing the body weight ones it’ll still work my muscles, but not having any problems with it. I still managed to get all my steps in today, even without walking. I don’t think I’m going to worry as much about walking because my job keeps me pretty active. 


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