Monday Blues


Hey hey, 

Last week I was a slacker and slept more than I worked out. But hey you know what, sometimes sleep is way more important. I felt better and had more energy for work when I did that. Today I did manage to workout but it was after work. I might start doing that because I actually sleep through the night (except to go to the bathroom). Since I am pregnant, I really believe in getting as much sleep as possible. Anyways, I also was almost a slacker today as well. It was hard to wake up for work and when I got off work I really didn’t want to do anything. However, my dad asked if I was going to and so there I got my motivation back. It was leg day, which didn’t help with my motivation.  My lifts went well. While I didn’t increase anything, it still felt like I was working my muscles. I’m not sure I really will increase reps anymore but if it feels super easy I might. Once I started though, it felt nice to be back at. It also helps with calf cramps. I’ve noticed that when I consistently workout I have hardly any too no leg cramps at night. That really helps with the whole sleeping through the night. 

33 weeks along 👶🏻😳


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