Movin and a Groovin 


Hey Yall,

I managed to run again. My legs are still a little sore from Monday. It isn’t really my legs persay but my hips. I know it is probably because I gave birth and my hips are stretched out and whatnot. However, once I started going it didn’t really bother me. My baby boy laid in his rock and play and smiled as I went. Towards the end of my run though he fell asleep. My running time was for a 10 minute mile pace. The interval it had me at was 1 minute run and 1 1/2 minute walk, along with a five minute warm up and cool down. My dad had mentioned that I should get back to just lifting. To just do lots of reps with light weight. In my head I knew I was just delaying because I could.

However, I did manage to lift weights today. It was leg day, which is always a fun way to start. So I did what my dad recommended. All my exercises were light weights with reps between 25-30. It surprisingly felt really good to get my muscles moving again. My exercises included: barbell squats, lunges, one legged barbell squats, calf raises, leg curls, and a different version of leg press. I’m sure it’ll be a struggle to walk tomorrow, but it was so worth it.


Hot Nonsense


Hey Yall, 

Today I walked inside for very good reason. It is hot today. When the weather is above 90 degrees and humid, I don’t spend much time outside. Plus in the morning when it was cooler I had to go finish up some things for my new job. Anyways I still had a good walk inside. I’m thinking as I get closer to my third trimester that I might need to slow down my speed. I have some time to talk to my doctor and think about it but I might just slow down and still go 4 miles. We shall see as I still have a little time. 

I almost didn’t lift today. Everything for everyone in the home seemed to have got pushed back later. I try to always stay out of the way for my parents. However, my dad got finished and asked if I was going to use it. I figured I better get to it. Today was legs and abs. As I was doing squats I think at some point I got in a slightly wrong position because I could feel it in my knee. But on my second set I didn’t feel it and made sure I was in the correct position. I mean sometimes you just don’t realize you’ve twisted even just slightly for the position, but I got it before it became an issue. My abs I always feel for since I’m workng them out and I’m growing a baby boy. But oh well, I need some strength in them for when he comes. They say exercising reduces your chances of a c-section. Might as well do what I can. 

Pregnancy Workout 

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Hey, hey

So… Big news for those of you who don’t know. I expecting a little one in September! My husband and I are so excited. It happened a like earlier than planned, but everything always happens in God’s time. I truly believe that and it seems to be more and more true each day. Plus my husband and I moved back to my home state of Iowa. Words can’t describe just how happy I am for that. I’m a firm believer in family, and I’ve missed mine a great deal. Nothings the same unless family is nearby. Anyways we are stoked about having a baby. 

I’ve always been adamant about working out and being healthy. Well, that first trimester just about wiped me out. I was sleeping all the time and barely got dinner on the table half the time. Obviously I was a major slacker that first trimester but oh well. I figured if my body wants sleep that bad then I should give it sleep. 

However, second trimester changed that. The first few weeks of the second trimester I just walked 4 miles. I wasn’t always super consistent because of the packing and everything else that need to get done. I did manage to go at least 3 times a week. I figured that is more then most people who aren’t even pregnant. 

My pup takes attractive pictures lol

But today that changed. I figured I’ve got access to a home gym that doesn’t cost me anything, better use it. So today was leg day. Now being pregnant, I obviously have to be a little more cautious of what I’m doing. I did not push it to the extent I felt like death, but I did push it enough I felt like I was doing something. My legs felt like jello after, so I felt accomplished. It helped that I would go up the stairs on my rest to check on my dogs. They aren’t used to having lots of land to roam, so I would make sure they were still within line of site. It’s almost like extra toys to go up the stairs in the middle of a leg workout, but oh well. The workout includedbodyweight calf raises (might change to weighted), hip abductor and adductor, one legged barbell squats, walking dumbell lunges, seated leg curls, leg extensions, and barbell squats. My cardio consisted of walking with the dogs and washing my vehicle. 

They do love each other

It felt good to be back at the weights. Just because I’m pregnant doesn’t mean I need to lose my muscle mass. It’s good for the baby and mom to be healthy, which includes working out. Plus after birth, hopefully, it’ll help to lose the baby weight. 

Gotta Keep Movin’

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Hey yall, 

Today I almost didn’t workout because I got asked to cover a shift. My goal this week was up catch up on my workouts missed last week. I know it isn’t the same but knowing I finished every week makes me feel better.  I had planned on having a fairly relaxing morning and not being worried about getting a workout done quickly. However, that changed quickly. Don’t get me wrong I’m glad because that means I get to spend the whole day with my amazing hubby plus some friends. 

But I decided to get off my lazy bum and go workout. Today for arms I did dumbbell bench press, shoulder press, wide grip lat pull down, hammer curls, and triceps pull-down. For the pull-down I had to basically use the lat machine and modified it so it worked my mainly my triceps. I can’t really explain how it works in text, but you’ll just have to believe me. My arms are still feeling it from yesterday but I’m determined to press on. 

Once I finished arms, I went ahead and walked for 20 minutes. I made the whole walk at an incline while walking at a 4mph pace. For the steeper incline it made it very challenging. I figured I would take the day off running because I have a 5k race on Saturday. Honestly, I don’t feel that ready for it but it is a run/walk, which will be nice. I’m excited for it because it has been over a year,  since I’ve done any race. It’ll be good to do and get my mindset where it needs to be for my half marathon in March. 

After I got done walking I did legs again.  My exercises were squats, calf raises, leg curl, leg extension, and leg press. I’m thankful that there are only one exercise for squats. When I first got into the squat position I could feel the soreness from the day before. After going down the first time though it got better. My legs were feeling the soreness throughout the whole workout. 

After my workout I drank my protein, which I needed. On top of that I used the foam roller. I hadn’t used it much lately because it hurts like crazy when you use it. However, it was needed a great deal because of the amount of working out I have done. It did help with the soreness and make it seem not as bad. What I was most impressed with is using it on my back. I had always been leery of using it on my back,  because I was worried it would hurt my spine. Turns out, that was not the case. It helped it feel much more loose and not so tight. I didn’t get to my lower back, because that is the tightest spot on my body. I do plan on trying it in my lower back soon. 

Saturday Shenanigans

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So I honestly made that title just to use the word shenanigans. Only reason, plus it sounds cool. Anyways is Saturday! It’s a gorgeous day outside, and I have the pleasure of being in the car for most of it. Woohoo! Can you sense my sarcasm? 

Today was leg day… It was great joyous fun and I loved every minute of it. Ha not really but it wasn’t that terrible either. Tomorrow I might be saying something else when I can’t walk though. The plan had about 5 different exercises with four sets each, and the last two sets were drop sets. I don’t know about yall, but that’s sucks. By the time I got to the end I had no strength left, which is the point but still. The first two sets had ten reps each,  and the last two had ten reps with the drop set being twenty. It was crazy but it felt good at the same time. My workout pants helped me to keep going with those last few reps. They are bright and colorful, so I  figured I better keep at it that way I will feel comfortable in them (one of these days). 

Today’s run was a little strange because I split it up. I was not sure how much my body could handle being back,  and I would rather not hurt myself worse.  So before my workout I ran fifteen minutes and after I ran ten. I do believe I can handle my thirty at once again. Along with that going back on the nature trail. My husband wanted me to only go fifteen because he was worried about me hurting myself, sense I have a tendency to push it to hard to fast (I’m learning…slowly). In my head I could run that ten minutes after because I felt good. However, considering I ran before I lifted and then I lifted for half an hour (leg day never takes me very long) after that, I did not run those last ten minutes great. It may also have to do with the fact I only had breakfast, so my body was trying to figure out where to get energy. Although I generally workout before breakfast, but I don’t generally run that early for that long  (I enjoy coffee to much). Sometimes I’ll just run a quick ten minutes early in the morning. But I did run the first ten minutes faster than I normally do, which may have something to do with it as well. 

Today we are going to visit our friend who moved an hour away from us, which is rude. I am just kidding, it made sense for them to move there. My husband and I are finally able to go see their new place. Along with that we are taking them to his parents’ house for a fish fry. I realize fried fish is not healthy, but I figured it’s once maybe twice a year. Plus it’s family thing, which is most important. Should be a fun Saturday full of shenanigans (yeah… I just wanted to use that word again). Have a great rest of the weekend y’all! 

Those Legs Days

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Hey yall!

I did not really do any cardio today. Other than my job (I’m on my feet the whole time walking) and a quick 5 minute warm up before I lifted. It is leg day so I thought I wouldn’t push it. Especially since I woke up with my legs slightly sore. I think part of it is I ran my run and walked a little and then walked almost three miles with my husband.

Today was leg day, in case you couldn’t tell. I started a new workout program, since my husband isn’t lifting with me anymore. It was a gruesome workout. The program had about six different workouts with 5-7 sets of 12-15 reps. So you all can now understand my pain. It felt good though.


I think another reason it was good to take today off was to help my knee muscles. I’m slowly (so, so, so slowly) increasing my mileage. My knee had a little pain yesterday but went away. Then while I was lifting there was a little pain in my thigh on a tendon. My husband thinks the tendons just need to build their strength back up, which is probably very true.

Consistency is Key

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Hey yall,

So today was leg day. Yay! I’m so just kidding. I also used my new garmin vivoactive for the first time. I didn’t completely use it correctly because it took me a little bit to realize how to actually start the thing. I ran for over a little half an hour and felt alright about it. I’m not sure what got over me but I didn’t feel like it was a decent run. At one point I became positive it was just my mind getting to me. But I’ve been consistent all week with working out this week. The last few weeks have been crazy so it really messed with my schedule.

Leg day, oh leg day. It went really well. I’ll be not walking tomorrow but that’s OK. A girl saw me start in on lunges and was like hey you wanna walk lunges around the track with me. She didn’t want to do it by herself. I could tell she was a straight up jock. Don’t get me wrong, I know a lot of jocks and they are amazing people. However, some are crazy shallow and focused on themselves. It was interesting to workout with someone.


~Fitness Addict~

It’s A Love/Hate Thing

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Hey yall!

So today was a double day because homework and work prevented me from working out yesterday. Darn school. It’s only going to get worse to.

My workouts were legs, chest, and abs. My chest I’ll feel tomorrow and hopefully my abs as well. Legs however are a different story. My gym is in the second level and I walked like a drunk person after words. I’m not sure what was up with today’s workout but it was crazy. I think it’s because their was a combination of low weight high rep workout and hight weight low rep. I mean it makes sense. I also ran a 5k this morning. It went well considering it’s like 80 degrees in that fitness center.

Sorry it’s short but it’s late and I need sleep.

~Fitness Addict~