Walking Along


Hey Yall, 

I took last week off from any working out. Between starting a new job and not having a week off in a few months, I figured it was about time. Today I only walked. My goal was too lift as well but it didn’t happen. My hubby walked with me outside for a little while. I was impressed with how long he lasted, since he doesn’t walk as long as me. Plus he has previously pulled his hamstring and was still in a little pain from that. However, we took all three dogs and they seemed to enjoy it. Each of them managed to behave themselves the whole time. It was impressive. I end up finishing my four miles inside on the treadmill. Honestly I wasn’t that bummed about it. It was interesting to do some of the walk outside and some inside. I was just happy to be walking with my hubby. 

Growth Pain


Hey Yall, 

Today was bicep and back day. It was partly cloudy all day, so I was tired. I guess I should say more tired than normal. On the majority of my my lifts I managed to increase my reps. My last bicep lift I almost didn’t even get 10 reps done, since I increased my reps. My muscles had just about had it at that point and were feeling like jello. As for my back muscle lifts, I felt like they were really working my muscles today. The only down side is I have to limit my weight I can do. Basically I end up doing a bunch of reps for my back, which doesn’t feel the same as when you cab increase the weight. 

Today I walked inside for about two miles. I almost didn’t walk but I figured if I could at least get two in, while going slow things would be OK. Through out the day I felt some pain in my lower abdomen but it went away. One big downside to being pregnant is everything is stretching and growing, which is causing some pain. However, it’s nothing crazy. I’m a short person, so I’ve never really dealt with “growing pains.” I did walk outside around the land with all the puppies for awhile as well. It was nice to be outside, even if it was partly cloudy and windy. My walk went well, so I’m thinking I might just walk the 4 miles on three days and walk more easily the other days. I just generally feel like I need some sort of cardio to complete a workout. Probably because I’m a runner at heart. 

Hot Nonsense


Hey Yall, 

Today I walked inside for very good reason. It is hot today. When the weather is above 90 degrees and humid, I don’t spend much time outside. Plus in the morning when it was cooler I had to go finish up some things for my new job. Anyways I still had a good walk inside. I’m thinking as I get closer to my third trimester that I might need to slow down my speed. I have some time to talk to my doctor and think about it but I might just slow down and still go 4 miles. We shall see as I still have a little time. 

I almost didn’t lift today. Everything for everyone in the home seemed to have got pushed back later. I try to always stay out of the way for my parents. However, my dad got finished and asked if I was going to use it. I figured I better get to it. Today was legs and abs. As I was doing squats I think at some point I got in a slightly wrong position because I could feel it in my knee. But on my second set I didn’t feel it and made sure I was in the correct position. I mean sometimes you just don’t realize you’ve twisted even just slightly for the position, but I got it before it became an issue. My abs I always feel for since I’m workng them out and I’m growing a baby boy. But oh well, I need some strength in them for when he comes. They say exercising reduces your chances of a c-section. Might as well do what I can. 

Naps are Life


Hey Yall, 

Today was super nice outside. I spent some of my morning with the pups before coming in to read. Naturally I became hungry and usually watch 2 shows while eating. After I had gone back to my room and ended up taking a 2 hour long nap. While that wasn’t originally planned, I clearly needed it. I mean generally my naps are an hour max. Today was not the case, but hey I felt better and quit yawning so much after.  My walk today was short, which was probably good because my hubby went with me. He ended up throwing up this morning before work, so he stayed home. By the time I took a walk (after my nap) he said he was feeling better. I mean why not get him to go with me then we can take all the dogs. Plus my vehicle was in the shop, so I had to walk the gravel. It was short but still really nice, especially since my hubby got to come. 

My workout today I almost skipped. However, I figured after that long nap I better get something in. Today was chest and triceps. Even though I went in feeling sluggish, I came out with energy. On top of that I increased my reps on several exercises. Part of me is wishing I didn’t have a lifting limit, but the other part of me understands that being pregnant I need one. I’m thinking it’s also going to help me to not over push myself. It went well overall, even though in the beginning it was a struggle. I also realized I forgot to stretch yesterday, which stunk. I’ve been pretty good about remembering every time I’m done but apparently yesterday I was ready to be done. I can always feel it the next day if I don’t stretch. 

Back to Business


Hey hey

So I was a slight slacker the past few days and didn’t really workout. I still walked around the land with the dogs but nothing crazy. Part of it was I had a doctor’s appointment on Monday with a specialist for my anemia. On Tuesday I had another doctor appointment with my normal OBGYN. Honestly, Tuesday wouldn’t have been that bad but they canceled my ultrasound and didn’t bother to tell me. I get that since I had one the day before I didn’t need it but when they called to remind me they said I still had an ultrasound. Oh well, it was great fun sitting there for an hour before getting in. After that I had to go get my brothers dog, who decided it would be great to go visit the town nearby. 

Today rained like crazy. I mean I was walking and then I stopped in the middle to use the restroom, and it had gotten significantly darker outside. My walk went well considering I was a slacker,  and didn’t do anything the past few days that was truly working out. Surprisingly enough my shins didn’t hurt near like they have been in the past. I know my last walk outside with my mutts they had pretty much quit hurting when I walked seriously. 

My workout today was legs and abs. Honestly, leg day makes me feel strong anymore. It’s the one muscle group I can go over 40 pounds on. The only lifts I can’t do that is my dumbbell squats and dumbbell calf raises. Thankfully it works out well since my legs have always been stronger than my upper body. My abs weren’t as appreciative of the workout. Especially for the planks, which I never go past 30 seconds on. I figure I better not push it too much while being pregnant. To me 30 seconds works perfectly since my stomach is only going to get larger. Today’s workout went great. 



Hey hey, 

Today was absolutely gorgeous outside. I spent the morning registering my vehicle back to my home state, which is mainly because my tags were expiring. But now I’m good for another year. I also walked outside again. In the morning I was having some pregnancy symptoms, which included a headache. I almost decided to just walk inside because I just wasn’t feeling it. However, I decided it would be good for my dogs to go on another walk and for me to get outside. I didn’t watch to see how fast I was going but just decided to really enjoy the walk. Somehow I still managed to go an 18 minute mile pace, even though I wasn’t trying. I also almost decided to quit my walk early but then thought better of it. I figured I was already almost too the half way point of a 4 mile walk so I might as well keep going. So that’s exactly what I did, even though I’m not sure my dogs really wanted me to. It wasn’t that bad because a breeze was actually going through the trail today. I did manage to almost trip a few bikers because they refused to tell me when they passed me. They weren’t just casual bikers either. I mean they were out training for a race. It’s really not hard to get my attention, since I never have my music that loud. But it was still a good walk. 

My lifting was easy today. It was easy by the fact it was just shoulders and abs, so I didn’t have a long workout. My muscles still were feeling it from the lifts but it was nice that it was short. By the time I went to lift weights I had done my errands, cleaned my bathroom, and finished my walk. I was feeling like I had no energy, but I knew I wouldn’t have time to workout tomorrow. So I pushed through and went ahead and lifted. Once I got started I felt a little bit better. But by the end of the day I was ready to do nothing and just relax and take a nap. Overall my lifting went well and I’m sure I’ll feel it tomorrow. 

You can see some muscle in my bicep 😊💪

Windy Nonsense 


Hey Yall, 

Today I walked outside because the weather looked gorgeous, and it felt gorgeous. However, when I first went outside at my parents house or felt cold because of the wind. So I grabbed a jacket and took it with me. But when I got to the trail all the trees blocked the wind, so I quickly got rid of that. I ended up going 4.15 miles and enjoyed every moment. For one thing I needed a change in my walk environment. My goal was to only stay around the 3.5 mph or roughly 17 minute mile. I wasn’t trying to go super fast, so I could enjoy it and not kill myself. 

My lifting went well. I increased my reps on my lat pull down and started feeling it. Today was biceps and back. I also felt pretty good because my curls weren’t as challenging. They were still challenging enough that I’m not increasing weight, but I didn’t feel like my arm would fall off at the end. It was a good workout since I increased reps and my arms are getting stronger. My chest felt sore today, so that was nice way to start off my morning. It was all good though because then I felt the little one moving around. 



Hey Yall, 

Yesterday I didn’t workout. I mean I walked around with the mutts but I didn’t do much else. I didn’t feel super great and had a headache. Honestly, I think at one point during the day I fell asleep. However, I did manage to finish my laundry. Sometimes that’s an accomplishment on its own. It’s important to listen to your body, especially if it seems like your dragging on energy. 

Today I did workout. I actually did my weights in the morning before lunch. My goal is to try to be out of the way of my parents, since they are working and own all the stuff. My walk went well and I didn’t feel like I was as bored and tired. Apparently taking that day off was necessary. I still walk at only half a degree incline but I’m thinking about going up to one degree. We will see. 

I also lifted today and worked out my chest and triceps. My butterfly and chest press on the machine I have started doing more reps. I can’t add any weight, since I’m at the max already. However, it’s always nice to increase reps. During one of my exercises I did something to the tendon or muscle near my elbow that is connected to my tricep. It bothered me slightly during certain lifts but it doesn’t seem to be anything serious. I mean I’m bound to have some aches and pains but it was still strange. 

Half way there


Hey Yall, 

My weekend was exciting! At least for me anyways, my husband might say otherwise. Saturday we went to the horse show. What my husband probably doesn’t realize, is that was seriously the best date I’ve ever been on. He may not have enjoyed it but every time I think about it I smile. Seriously people probably will never realize how much horses mean to me. Everyone has their passion. For instance, my Hubby’s is golf or sports in general, my brothers is hunting, and mine is horses. Plus horse shows are the one time I’m competitive, even if it is with myself. 

Today’s walk went well. It’s starting to get boring in the beginning and I struggle with motivation to keep going. Plus my shins hurt in the beginning until I jogged for only a minute and a half. I’m not sure if I just keep starting off my walk weird or what. Anyways they quit hurting, which is always good. I’m hoping I can keep up the speed of a 15 minute mile throughout my pregnancy (at least as close to the end of it as possible). However, as this child keeps pushing on organs and such who knows what will happen.

Officially at 20 weeks! Plus new workout clothes for my growing belly

My lifting was legs and abs today. I successfully went up in weight on the leg extensions. Since it’s lifting with my legs, I am pretty certain I can just lift more than 40 pounds. However, for my dumbbell squats I just increased in reps. I’m already at the 40 pound limit and that weight is above my waist. My plank for my abs were not great. My last one got cut by 5 seconds. I guess my body had enough or I got into my head (probably a little of both). Anyways it was a good workout, so that was nice. 

They finally fell asleep.

Sweet Child of Mine


Hey Yall 

Yesterday I took a rest day. I think it was very much needed, since I do cardio and weights every time I work out. Plus things are starting to make me tired quicker. I realize it’s a pregnancy thing,  but I’m still used to having energy for doing even more. However, this child of mine was active yesterday. Each day it seems like I can feel the movement even more. Today for instance my baby was active in the morning like crazy. Hopefully it doesn’t mean he/she will be an early riser.

It’s actually closer to 8:30, if not before now. 😴

Today’s workout was biceps and back. My biceps were feeling like jello by the end of it. I did hammer curls, incline bench curls, alternate curls, and concentration curls. Can I just point out how much I despise incline curls? Seriously, they are awful. I mean they work wonders and really work your muscle but that’s why they stink. My back is something that I’m bad about just being lazy on. I’m never really that worried about working it out, but I should be better. Anyways, I did dumbbell one arm row, close grip lat pull down, and cable seated row. The lat pull down I have to do a few extra reps because I can’t lift over 40 pounds. I need it heavier to actually work out my muscle by repetition works too.

She’s always happy to take a picture with me😂

My walk today went really well. Probably because I took a rest day. My body needed it worse than I thought (who would’ve thought). I can always get my baby to fall asleep (at least I think he/she goes to sleep) when I start walking. In the beginning I can feel him/her moving but by the end he/she is no longer moving. Generally when I’m done walking I take a break and eat a little something before lifting. At the point my little one starts stirring again. So I go lift and then go outside with my mutts, which usually puts him/her back to sleep. The baby gets active again before I go to sleep and after dinner. 

He just looks sad all the time 😂 he was just being a baby because he wanted something another dog had