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Hey, hey

Today I walked my 4 miles inside. Between the rain from last night and it raining during the day, I knew it wouldn’t work to walk outside. Walking inside is always fun with a TV set up in front of the treadmill. I walked the first and third mile at a one degree incline. My last mile I walked it at a half a degree incline. Since tomorrow is leg day and my legs are still a little sore, I figured I better not walk the whole time at an incline. It was interesting to walk during the time I did,  because both my parents were lifting weights at that time. It didn’t end up well for them and one came back later to finish. I mean it is a home gym in a room that isn’t finished in the basement. 

Today’s lifting consisted of biceps and triceps. I’m not really sure I’m going to be able to do much with my arms tomorrow, but we shall see. I did feel pretty good about being able to still use the 15 pound dumbbells for most of my lifts for biceps. My triceps just hated me at the end. My arms were jello and begging to be done. The exercises I did were: alternate hammer curls, alternate bicep curls, dumbbell incline curl, concentration curls, bench dips, standing triceps extension, triceps kickback, and alternate triceps extension. By the end of all that my arms were ready for a break. 

I tasted good after my workout apparently

I did walk around outside with the mutts today. In the morning I let them out for about an hour and walked them around. Granted, I didn’t walk that whole time. They had to get put away, since my parents had people coming over to put stuff on the attic. Anyways after that I let them out again and played with them for about an hour. Again, I walked them around for a little bit but they were more interested in chewing on bones. When we made dinner tonight, it was fun because my hubby was involved along with my mom and I. Sometimes it’s nice to make dinner as a family. 

Isn’t it how every dog sits?


Cardio Monday 

family, fitness, goals, half marathon, hubby, puppy, training

Hey yall! 

Today my whole family went to the trail near my apartment and we all did some sort of cardio outside. My husband just walked our youngest dog. He enjoyed himself, which is probably because I wasn’t forcing him to run. On top of that, my husband got a walk in before he played golf. My dad did his interval training outside. It was his first time doing it outside, and I’m pretty certain he still prefers inside. I can’t blame him, sometimes it’s way better to do it inside. 

My mom and I ran together, along with my dog. She’s great at one thing and that is pushing me to go further. Today we went almost six miles, and I’ve basically gone four max recently. Plus those four miles were walking with my husband, and no running. She has a way of making you realize you can actually go further than you believe. There were parts that I listened to my own head instead of her encouraging words. However, the parts I listened to her were the times I realized I could do it, if I would get out of my own head. 

New favorite pair of running socks 😀

Today there was no lifting, which might have been a good thing. I enjoyed some quality time with my parents and a little with my hubby. Tomorrow, however, I’ll have to make up for today’s skipping of the weights. It was worth it though. 

Fall is my Season 

fitness, goals, hubby, lifting

Hey yall! 

Today I was busy and productive. I cleaned my apartment this morning before I went and worked out. I was tempted to work out first,  but I knew I  would have nothing left to give once I worked out. It was an interesting work out session. That might just be because it was freezing outside and a sauna in the gym. 

Today’s muscle groups including my shoulders, legs, abs, triceps, and chest. It wasn’t about how much weight I could do, but more about the reps. Everything had me doing between sixteen and twenty reps of each exercise. Sometimes I forget just how tiring doing a bunch of reps with light weight can be. It was nice to have the program switch it up. However, I did notice my calf was swollen towards the end of my session. My husband and I have decided my achilles just got really tight. It’s the same leg I sprained my ankle, so who knows what I did this time. 

My new workout water bottle. Thank you, Hy-Vee.

My parents are in town for the weekend. I’m super excited about that. They are not really ones to just sit around and watch TV, which is great. Today we went to the park and talked for awhile, until we decided it was time for food. We found this Hawaiian restaurant and decided to try it out. It was awesome. They greet you at the door and give you a lae. I was shocked to find that type of restaurant where I live. Needless to say, I’m stoked and my husband and I will be back (he’s already decided). With my parents in town, it is easier to enjoy this fall weather. I love this cool weather. 

Coffee is all year round, but you get the picture.

Early Morning

family, fitness, goals, training

Yesterday’s run started off crazy early in the morning. I had to work earlier than normal and was going out later with some new “cousins” of mine. Now yall have to realize I have not run early in the morning in ages. It has been years since I’ve done that. Overall my run went well all things considering. At first my body was a little stiff and sore, but after stretching when I got warmed up I loosened up a little. I am proud of how well I ran. I only stopped because I was having digestive issues (sorry, don’t know any other way to put that), otherwise I just started walking. My other highlight was I ran longer than I planned on, which was on purpose.


Now as for those new “cousins” I met yesterday. My fiance and I went to the Bass Pro restaurant in Branson and it was my first time meeting these people. They are a ton of fun and were so warm and welcoming. For the theme of my wedding they fit right in, which is awesome. I learned how to play Farkle thanks to them and almost beat my fiance. They are sarcastic and funny and I get to see them today. 🙂