Quality Time


Hey Yall, 

Today I worked out again, which is because I had the morning off. I worked out my chest and shoulders today. It went really well. My shoulders were burning from lactic acid at the end, so that was fun to deal with. I could really tell in my shoulders that I had basically taken last week off. I did do planks, which work out my shoulders. My chest lifts I managed to go the same amount of reps and weight, which I found very accomplishing. 

Pretty much how 3rd trimester is going

I also got to spend some time with my hubby and my pups outside. We burned a bunch of boxes that we had been gathering because of all the baby stuff we got. While he didn’t talk much (he talks a lot for work), it was still nice to be outside with him. Our pups never left our sides and enjoyed playing fetch. Trooper went down to the pond a few times and enjoyed getting wet then waiting to shake once he got back up to us. My other one was super lovey and enjoyed some snuggles. She did eventually get bored of that and go down to the pond to explore. She didn’t stay down there for long though before coming up and checking on us. 


Pregnancy Workout 

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Hey, hey

So… Big news for those of you who don’t know. I expecting a little one in September! My husband and I are so excited. It happened a like earlier than planned, but everything always happens in God’s time. I truly believe that and it seems to be more and more true each day. Plus my husband and I moved back to my home state of Iowa. Words can’t describe just how happy I am for that. I’m a firm believer in family, and I’ve missed mine a great deal. Nothings the same unless family is nearby. Anyways we are stoked about having a baby. 

I’ve always been adamant about working out and being healthy. Well, that first trimester just about wiped me out. I was sleeping all the time and barely got dinner on the table half the time. Obviously I was a major slacker that first trimester but oh well. I figured if my body wants sleep that bad then I should give it sleep. 

However, second trimester changed that. The first few weeks of the second trimester I just walked 4 miles. I wasn’t always super consistent because of the packing and everything else that need to get done. I did manage to go at least 3 times a week. I figured that is more then most people who aren’t even pregnant. 

My pup takes attractive pictures lol

But today that changed. I figured I’ve got access to a home gym that doesn’t cost me anything, better use it. So today was leg day. Now being pregnant, I obviously have to be a little more cautious of what I’m doing. I did not push it to the extent I felt like death, but I did push it enough I felt like I was doing something. My legs felt like jello after, so I felt accomplished. It helped that I would go up the stairs on my rest to check on my dogs. They aren’t used to having lots of land to roam, so I would make sure they were still within line of site. It’s almost like extra toys to go up the stairs in the middle of a leg workout, but oh well. The workout includedbodyweight calf raises (might change to weighted), hip abductor and adductor, one legged barbell squats, walking dumbell lunges, seated leg curls, leg extensions, and barbell squats. My cardio consisted of walking with the dogs and washing my vehicle. 

They do love each other

It felt good to be back at the weights. Just because I’m pregnant doesn’t mean I need to lose my muscle mass. It’s good for the baby and mom to be healthy, which includes working out. Plus after birth, hopefully, it’ll help to lose the baby weight.