Walking Along


Hey Yall, 

I took last week off from any working out. Between starting a new job and not having a week off in a few months, I figured it was about time. Today I only walked. My goal was too lift as well but it didn’t happen. My hubby walked with me outside for a little while. I was impressed with how long he lasted, since he doesn’t walk as long as me. Plus he has previously pulled his hamstring and was still in a little pain from that. However, we took all three dogs and they seemed to enjoy it. Each of them managed to behave themselves the whole time. It was impressive. I end up finishing my four miles inside on the treadmill. Honestly I wasn’t that bummed about it. It was interesting to do some of the walk outside and some inside. I was just happy to be walking with my hubby. 


Growth Pain


Hey Yall, 

Today was bicep and back day. It was partly cloudy all day, so I was tired. I guess I should say more tired than normal. On the majority of my my lifts I managed to increase my reps. My last bicep lift I almost didn’t even get 10 reps done, since I increased my reps. My muscles had just about had it at that point and were feeling like jello. As for my back muscle lifts, I felt like they were really working my muscles today. The only down side is I have to limit my weight I can do. Basically I end up doing a bunch of reps for my back, which doesn’t feel the same as when you cab increase the weight. 

Today I walked inside for about two miles. I almost didn’t walk but I figured if I could at least get two in, while going slow things would be OK. Through out the day I felt some pain in my lower abdomen but it went away. One big downside to being pregnant is everything is stretching and growing, which is causing some pain. However, it’s nothing crazy. I’m a short person, so I’ve never really dealt with “growing pains.” I did walk outside around the land with all the puppies for awhile as well. It was nice to be outside, even if it was partly cloudy and windy. My walk went well, so I’m thinking I might just walk the 4 miles on three days and walk more easily the other days. I just generally feel like I need some sort of cardio to complete a workout. Probably because I’m a runner at heart. 

Back to Business


Hey hey

So I was a slight slacker the past few days and didn’t really workout. I still walked around the land with the dogs but nothing crazy. Part of it was I had a doctor’s appointment on Monday with a specialist for my anemia. On Tuesday I had another doctor appointment with my normal OBGYN. Honestly, Tuesday wouldn’t have been that bad but they canceled my ultrasound and didn’t bother to tell me. I get that since I had one the day before I didn’t need it but when they called to remind me they said I still had an ultrasound. Oh well, it was great fun sitting there for an hour before getting in. After that I had to go get my brothers dog, who decided it would be great to go visit the town nearby. 

Today rained like crazy. I mean I was walking and then I stopped in the middle to use the restroom, and it had gotten significantly darker outside. My walk went well considering I was a slacker,  and didn’t do anything the past few days that was truly working out. Surprisingly enough my shins didn’t hurt near like they have been in the past. I know my last walk outside with my mutts they had pretty much quit hurting when I walked seriously. 

My workout today was legs and abs. Honestly, leg day makes me feel strong anymore. It’s the one muscle group I can go over 40 pounds on. The only lifts I can’t do that is my dumbbell squats and dumbbell calf raises. Thankfully it works out well since my legs have always been stronger than my upper body. My abs weren’t as appreciative of the workout. Especially for the planks, which I never go past 30 seconds on. I figure I better not push it too much while being pregnant. To me 30 seconds works perfectly since my stomach is only going to get larger. Today’s workout went great. 

Sweet Child of Mine


Hey Yall 

Yesterday I took a rest day. I think it was very much needed, since I do cardio and weights every time I work out. Plus things are starting to make me tired quicker. I realize it’s a pregnancy thing,  but I’m still used to having energy for doing even more. However, this child of mine was active yesterday. Each day it seems like I can feel the movement even more. Today for instance my baby was active in the morning like crazy. Hopefully it doesn’t mean he/she will be an early riser.

It’s actually closer to 8:30, if not before now. 😴

Today’s workout was biceps and back. My biceps were feeling like jello by the end of it. I did hammer curls, incline bench curls, alternate curls, and concentration curls. Can I just point out how much I despise incline curls? Seriously, they are awful. I mean they work wonders and really work your muscle but that’s why they stink. My back is something that I’m bad about just being lazy on. I’m never really that worried about working it out, but I should be better. Anyways, I did dumbbell one arm row, close grip lat pull down, and cable seated row. The lat pull down I have to do a few extra reps because I can’t lift over 40 pounds. I need it heavier to actually work out my muscle by repetition works too.

She’s always happy to take a picture with me😂

My walk today went really well. Probably because I took a rest day. My body needed it worse than I thought (who would’ve thought). I can always get my baby to fall asleep (at least I think he/she goes to sleep) when I start walking. In the beginning I can feel him/her moving but by the end he/she is no longer moving. Generally when I’m done walking I take a break and eat a little something before lifting. At the point my little one starts stirring again. So I go lift and then go outside with my mutts, which usually puts him/her back to sleep. The baby gets active again before I go to sleep and after dinner. 

He just looks sad all the time 😂 he was just being a baby because he wanted something another dog had