Quality Time


Hey Yall, 

Today I worked out again, which is because I had the morning off. I worked out my chest and shoulders today. It went really well. My shoulders were burning from lactic acid at the end, so that was fun to deal with. I could really tell in my shoulders that I had basically taken last week off. I did do planks, which work out my shoulders. My chest lifts I managed to go the same amount of reps and weight, which I found very accomplishing. 

Pretty much how 3rd trimester is going

I also got to spend some time with my hubby and my pups outside. We burned a bunch of boxes that we had been gathering because of all the baby stuff we got. While he didn’t talk much (he talks a lot for work), it was still nice to be outside with him. Our pups never left our sides and enjoyed playing fetch. Trooper went down to the pond a few times and enjoyed getting wet then waiting to shake once he got back up to us. My other one was super lovey and enjoyed some snuggles. She did eventually get bored of that and go down to the pond to explore. She didn’t stay down there for long though before coming up and checking on us. 


Day Two

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Hey yall, 

Today I actually truly walked 4 miles on the treadmill. Technically it was a little more because this treadmill does a cool down, and I figured it couldn’t hurt anything. It went well even though my legs are sore from yesterdays workout. Since it was raining today, I thought I’d be safe and just walk inside. However, generally when I walk inside I get super bored because there’s nothing to look at. It helps I found an interesting show to watch. 

My lifting consisted of shoulders and chest today. Due to the fact I’m pregnant, it makes doing chest workouts a little more challenging. They suggest you don’t do exercises that require you to be flat on your back. A good chunk of chest workouts, at least with dumbbells, are flat on your back. So instead of being flat, I did them at inclines. My shoulders were sore by the end, which is good. The last rep I had for my chest exercise I could tell my muscles had just about had it. I felt so accomplished. My workout consisted of dumbbell shoulder press, dumbbell lateral raise, dumbbell shoulder shrug, dumbbell front raise, machine press, machine butterfly, dumbbell incline bench press, and dumbbell incline fly. They all basically were 3 sets with 10 reps.

New Years Resolution… A Little Late

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Hey yall!

I’m sure yall thought you would never hear from me again. Sorry about the 2 months that I have not posted. But you know when you graduate with your bachelor’s and your new hubby graduates life gets busy for blogging. Plus I got married on New Years Eve and started my masters full time this year. You know between all of that my life became a little hectic for blogging and being consistent for fitness. I did run some over the two months, but not like I usually do.


Hey I’m back at it now. Last night my new hubby and I joined a gym that is close to us and relatively not expensive. It is a really nice gym though that gives us everything we need to get a great workout in. I dedicded to start over my Jaime Easton Livfit program, since I never finished it the first time. Today was chest and triceps, needless to say my arms are jello. My hubby also did arms and I’m super proud of him. He has tried in the past to get healthy but generally got hurt. However, a few hours after our workout he started talking about how his pinched nerve started acting up.


My breakfast of coffee and a protein shake

I decided a few weeks ago that I wanted to do the 15k/50k challenge that Bass Pro holds. So I’ve started a new running program. Today was supposed to be an easy 20 minutes but I pushed it a bit more than easy. I have to learn to actually go easy on easy run days so I don’t burn myself out. I’ll learn one of these days and be better about easy runs. But im really excited for this new journey.

~Fitness Addict~