Thanksgiving Break


Hey Yall,

Sure hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! I managed to run at least twice last week, walk once, and lift once. I figured I wouldn’t get my lifts in and I was ok with that. The walk was a last minute thing that ended up being fun with my hubby, mom, and baby boy. We walked a little over 4 miles and really tested out the stroller. My mom and I ended up carrying the stroller over the gravel because my son didn’t appreciate it. He was trying to sleep and he needed it. The two days prior were exhausting with lots of socializing. He very rarely got to be on the ground to stretch out (the kid is in the 99th percentile for height). He needed his sleep. Don’t get me wrong he did great for being 2 months old and being passed around.

Today I got my run in and only my run. I ended up being pretty busy. I had to get all of our stuff picked up and in the laundry, since we are going on a mini vacation this weekend. Plus I had to take my little guy to the doctor for his 2 month check up. Shots were in the works for him sadly. Amazingly enough, I didn’t cry but I was pretty darn close. Once I got back I ate my lunch and then played with my baby boy. He ended up getting pretty fussy (very out of the ordinary for him), so I fixed him right up. Food is the way to anyone’s heart. Eventually the poor kid fell asleep. 

Then I got to get my run in. I moved on to the next week, even though I only did two runs last week. I could feel it this time for my run. My intervals were running two minutes and walking one. It was definitely noticeable that I didn’t run late last week. Hopefully on Wednesday it’ll be a little easier. But as soon as I was finished I had to shower,  so I could go meet the lady who is going to watch my baby boy. It ended up being quite the busy Monday. 


First Run


Hey guys,

Today I got to run for the first time in forever. It was amazing! I started the couch to 5k plan, which is what I did when I first started running over five years ago. This first week I run for a minute and for a minute and a half. I start off with a five minute warm up and a five minute cool down. In total it only went for 25 minutes. I figure that is probably a good start for the beginning. It was hard to keep my running pace at only a 10 minute mile. My mind wanted to go faster, but I knew better than to push it. I was grateful at the end I didn’t because I was starting to feel it. It wasn’t so much in my legs but I could feel it in my abs. It sounds crazy, but you really do use ab muscles for running.

I also had the joy of going on my first date with my hubby, since my son was born. It was hard leaving him, even though I know my parents are amazing. Hey, I manged to go three whole hours without seeing him. Honestly, my hubby and I did pretty good about not focusing only him during our conversations. He only came up in the beginning, middle,  and end…. No but seriously, we did good about keeping it short when we did. I was ready to see my baby boy by the end of the three hours. Now he’s my snuggle bug as he falls asleep. It was fun to be out with my hubby for the evening. He even got me a new purse and wallet. I do feel kinda bad because he wanted ice cream and we didn’t get any. But I missed my baby boy.

Really thought about buying this for him. It is too big right now.

My dinner was quite delicious. I have leftovers hrs


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Hey yall!

So today I almost didn’t go workout. I really wanted to finish reorganizing my kitchen because it desperately needed done. My fiance and are so blessed with what everyone has given us for our marriage. By the way it is only 37 days away! Hazzah! I’ll probably have to rearrange again after the wedding but maybe not because I have a tiny bit of extra space. My reorganization took me about 4 hours, but now think about how small apartment kitchens are. I’m a slight neat freak.


Anyways back to my workout. Today was legs… Again. I feel like it’s all I do anymore but it’s my fault for doing a double workout in order to finish school work. My legs have not quite recovered from my last leg day so hopefully I can walk for school tomorrow. I mean I do have 3 flights of stairs to go up. I’ve also decided it does not matter how in shape you are those stairs will kill you. I mean the people not in shape it really kills and the rest of us are just like why. But overall my leg workout went well even though it hurts to just walk still…

For my cardio I did a 5k of course. It went well considering the place smelled like paint. I opened the window for that one. It got better as I kept going. I’m not sure if that means I got used to the smell or the window actually helped. It doesn’t really matter because it went away anyways


~Fitness Addict~