Growth Pain


Hey Yall, 

Today was bicep and back day. It was partly cloudy all day, so I was tired. I guess I should say more tired than normal. On the majority of my my lifts I managed to increase my reps. My last bicep lift I almost didn’t even get 10 reps done, since I increased my reps. My muscles had just about had it at that point and were feeling like jello. As for my back muscle lifts, I felt like they were really working my muscles today. The only down side is I have to limit my weight I can do. Basically I end up doing a bunch of reps for my back, which doesn’t feel the same as when you cab increase the weight. 

Today I walked inside for about two miles. I almost didn’t walk but I figured if I could at least get two in, while going slow things would be OK. Through out the day I felt some pain in my lower abdomen but it went away. One big downside to being pregnant is everything is stretching and growing, which is causing some pain. However, it’s nothing crazy. I’m a short person, so I’ve never really dealt with “growing pains.” I did walk outside around the land with all the puppies for awhile as well. It was nice to be outside, even if it was partly cloudy and windy. My walk went well, so I’m thinking I might just walk the 4 miles on three days and walk more easily the other days. I just generally feel like I need some sort of cardio to complete a workout. Probably because I’m a runner at heart. 


Naps are Life


Hey Yall, 

Today was super nice outside. I spent some of my morning with the pups before coming in to read. Naturally I became hungry and usually watch 2 shows while eating. After I had gone back to my room and ended up taking a 2 hour long nap. While that wasn’t originally planned, I clearly needed it. I mean generally my naps are an hour max. Today was not the case, but hey I felt better and quit yawning so much after.  My walk today was short, which was probably good because my hubby went with me. He ended up throwing up this morning before work, so he stayed home. By the time I took a walk (after my nap) he said he was feeling better. I mean why not get him to go with me then we can take all the dogs. Plus my vehicle was in the shop, so I had to walk the gravel. It was short but still really nice, especially since my hubby got to come. 

My workout today I almost skipped. However, I figured after that long nap I better get something in. Today was chest and triceps. Even though I went in feeling sluggish, I came out with energy. On top of that I increased my reps on several exercises. Part of me is wishing I didn’t have a lifting limit, but the other part of me understands that being pregnant I need one. I’m thinking it’s also going to help me to not over push myself. It went well overall, even though in the beginning it was a struggle. I also realized I forgot to stretch yesterday, which stunk. I’ve been pretty good about remembering every time I’m done but apparently yesterday I was ready to be done. I can always feel it the next day if I don’t stretch. 

Freezing Friday 

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Hey yall, 

Today I walked inside because it was freezing outside. Between the wind and it just not getting warm out, I had no chance of staying warm while walking. My 4 miles went by pretty easy. I didn’t do any incline today because I figured I’d rest my legs a little bit. It went by quickly, which is probably because I watched TV. Always goes by faster then. Plus I had my Garmin Vivoactive track my walk. Granted, it’s never as accurate as when your walking outside. However, according to it I went longer than 4 miles. Generally when I use it, my watch shows me not going as far. 

The mutts didn’t really want to cooperate for a good picture.

My workout today was shoulders and chest. On one of my shoulder workouts I increased my weight, which is always fun. I did not increase my weight on chest, but I can still feel it nonetheless. As always it was a good workout that I could really feel in my shoulders. They still felt pretty sore when I started working them out today. But I managed to push through and do more weight. 

It’s crazy how you can see when I started working out more seriously. My first trimester all I wanted to do was sleep.