Three Days Down


Hey yall,

I’ve officially walked three days this week. I was going to go yesterday as well but my baby boy had other plans. Because I knew I only wanted to get in a minimum of three days, I didn’t really push getting a walk in yesterday. I feel like I was busy doing something but honestly I have no idea.

Today I did walk. I managed to get all 30 minutes plus the 5 minute cool down in and a shower before my son woke up. It was great. Since I didn’t have to hold him this time, I got to walk the whole thing at a 4mph pace. It was good to know I could actually go that pace and maintain it. Especially since next week I’m going to try getting back into running. When I first started running I used a couch to 5k program. It worked great and it is easy to tweak to fit my fitness level (right now is none). My goal is to start that next week and see how it goes.  The week after that I’m hoping to add in some weights and get going on that again. I’m trying to take it slow and ease my way back in. Hopefully  it is slow enough. 


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