Quality Time


Hey Yall, 

Today I worked out again, which is because I had the morning off. I worked out my chest and shoulders today. It went really well. My shoulders were burning from lactic acid at the end, so that was fun to deal with. I could really tell in my shoulders that I had basically taken last week off. I did do planks, which work out my shoulders. My chest lifts I managed to go the same amount of reps and weight, which I found very accomplishing. 

Pretty much how 3rd trimester is going

I also got to spend some time with my hubby and my pups outside. We burned a bunch of boxes that we had been gathering because of all the baby stuff we got. While he didn’t talk much (he talks a lot for work), it was still nice to be outside with him. Our pups never left our sides and enjoyed playing fetch. Trooper went down to the pond a few times and enjoyed getting wet then waiting to shake once he got back up to us. My other one was super lovey and enjoyed some snuggles. She did eventually get bored of that and go down to the pond to explore. She didn’t stay down there for long though before coming up and checking on us. 


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