Hey hey, 

I’m not going to lie. Yesterday I didn’t work out because I couldn’t get out of bed. I mean I tried but my body was telling me no. I decided to listen to it, and it helped a little bit. The whole third trimester being tired thing is oh so true. However, I still want to be as healthy as possible. That means I will take more rest days, but I’m still going to try to get as much exercise is as possible. Today I did manage to get up and lift. It was shoulders and chest today. My shoulders were burning from lactic acid by the end of the workout. It’s kinda silly, since I always use such light weights for my shoulders. Oh well, someday my shoulders might be strong enough to move on. At least I got my workout in today. Hopefully, I’ll do my last workout for the week tomorrow but we shall see. Especially since today I visited with an old high school friend, which means I was up later than normal. Tomorrow shouldn’t be too bad and I’m hoping to enjoy the pool. 


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