Future Goals


Hey Yall, 

I was thinking about all this working out I’ve been doing. While I workout because I enjoy it, there are other reasons. Especially being pregnant I have many reasons for working out. I want my baby to be healthy when being born and to keep my body healthy for after the birth. Another reason I workout is because after my little guy is born I want to be able to back to riding horses again. Plus I want to be able to keep up energy after the little guy is born. Really I just want to have the habit of being healthy before hand, in hopes that I’ll be able to keep it up after. I realize it may not be to the same extent as when I was in college, but I still can at least be as healthy as possible. 
Anyways that was my rampage for the day. Today I did get lifting and walking in. It was leg day, which I sure is what made my walk a little harder. My app that I use to help keep track of my workouts updated, and it threw me for a loop. I haven’t decided yet if I like it, but I did get a good workout in. When I was on my last set for squats I was starting to feel the workout in my thighs. Granted I had no weight added to the barbell, since it is over the weight limit recommended. I’m pretty certain that since I do lots of reps that is why I could feel it. Plus my lunges I did before were with dumbells. Overall my lifting went well. My walk, on the other hand, felt like a struggle. The whole being in third trimester is starting to get to me. Different activities are starting to feel like a chore and not near as easy. So my walks are starting to feel like a struggle but hey I finished and that’s what counts. 


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