Wearing Down


Hey Yall, 

Yesterday was the fourth of July! I didn’t work out at all. However, I did laundry, played with my pups, and went swimming. I also hung out with my hubby in the evening by going out and just walking around the mall. Yes, I realize that sounds very teenager like but there’s no air in the house so… We really only went to two stores in the mall, so it’s not like we really just walked around the mall. The day before I worked and celebrated the fourth with my family. I believe in sleep for days I know I’ll be up late. The past few days have been fun and busy with no working out. 

Today, however, was leg day. Because there is no air I actually had to go get something to drink while I lifted. Generally the workout room is cold enough that I can get by without water. Today was not that day. As I was doing my lunges I felt like I just didn’t have the energy for lifting like I used to. It could be because it was early in the morning or because it was warmer than usual or that I rested a few extra days in between. However, I’m pretty certain it’s because I pregnant. Even simple things like walking up the stairs are starting to feel like more work than they used to be. It really is getting old fast on how quickly I feel out of breath. I realize it’s because I have a child growing that is pushing my organs around, but still I like being able to breathe easily. Today even just walking around the yard I felt like it was a struggle. I’m sure part of it was the heat but still. Oh well, I I’m love with this little boy already and can’t wait to meet him. I know he’s really going to start wearing me out once he’s born. 


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