Fabulous Friday


Hey Yall, 

Today was back and abs day. I barely got up for it before work I’m order to lift. However, once I got started I was glad I did. For my lifts I did wide grip lat pull down, dumbbell bent over row, barbell bent over row, oblique crunches, dumbbell side bend, and weight plate Russian twists. My back muscles definitely felt the workout today. Tomorrow thankfully I don’t have a whole lot going on, so I can sleep in. I’ll at least sleep in as much as I can. It is very rare I sleep past 8 in the morning anymore. Really, I’ve never been able to sleep in but still I can hope. I didn’t walk today because I got over my steps in at work. I also walked a lot and very rarely just sat down and rested. It was a good day today and I super thankful it’s Friday. 

Big prego belly


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