Where did the Time go? 


Hey Yall, 

I didn’t work out on Monday because I had a long day at work. Today I only lifted, since I had a doctor’s appointment in the morning and it was my long one. However, I still went over for my steps today, which is always good. 

My lifting today was for legs and abs. I switched up my exercises and changed my what all my lifts were. One was to prevent me from getting bored and secondly was because I’m now in third trimester. My lifts today were dumbell lunges, barbell squats, seated barbell calf raises, hip lifts, planks, side planks, and dumbell side bend. While technically the barbell is over my weight limit, it’s only by like 5 pounds. Each time I did a set for squats I changed what I was doing. For instance, I did normal squats, wide stance squats, and then narrow. All my lifts went well today, which was great considering I didn’t work out yesterday. 


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