Hump Day


Hey hey, 

Today I lifted in the morning before work. I almost didn’t because it was really hard to get up. It was rainy and gloomy, which didn’t help. However, I still got up and worked out. Today’s workout was for biceps and triceps. The lifts included standing tricep extensions, dumbbell standing triceps kickback, barbell curl, dumbbell hammer curls, and dumbbell seated palms up curls. It was a challenge to finish the workout because I woke up hungry and I generally lift before I get ready for work. 

Today I walked after I got home after work. I was planning on it originally but wouldn’t have been that upset if I didn’t. However, one of my clients today was quiet the handful. I decided I for sure was going to walk to release some stress. It was only thirty minutes because I had no desire to kill myself. Especially since the crazy weather was giving me a headache. Also I had walked quiet a bit with my client today. 


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