Hump Day


Hey, hey

Today my lifting was for chest and triceps. I increased reps and the amount of weight I several different exercises. If I’m remembering correctly, this is the first time in awhile that I’ve done triceps and chest not early in the morning. I feel like that helped me out today. It was wonderful to be able to increase my reps for incline dumbbell bench press. While it was only by two reps, it’s still more than I was doing. My triceps by the end I could feel the lactic acid building. It was a little painful, but hey at least I know I’m working out those muscles. 

Have some muscle slowly building 😊

Today I walked after my lifting. It went pretty well considering I walked yesterday, and also went over my steps. I went over my steps today as well (go me). For the most part I had no aches and pains. I mean I got a little distracted by big flying bug in the area, so that helped me not really focus on walking. Seriously, it was gross but never stopped moving so I could not kill it. The last two minutes of my cool down I got some pain that hurt pretty good. Eventually I figured out that if I made sure I had perfect posture, it went away. I am not sure if I was really starting to walk weird or not, but at least I figured it out. Plus after that I never had any issues and finished without any pain. 


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