Hey Yall, 

Today I had work later in the day. It’s not really getting me into the habit of waking up early and working out, but at least I did. My weights were for legs and abs today. I increased my weight for my leg workouts on pretty much every exercise. The only ones that didn’t increase were my hip exercises. I increased my reps for squats, which basically is increasing my weight because I’m at the max weight I can lift at this point. I felt pretty good for lifting more weight. My ab exercises I even increased weight on. I mean I know I’m going to need all the help I can. As for my planks, I feel my shoulders getting tired before anything else. I’m not sure if this is because my form is off or my shoulders are just that weak. Who really knows. Next week since I’ll be in third trimester I’m changing up my workout anyways. 

My walk today was for an hour. I only went at a 3.5mph speed. My watch said I still went over 4 miles, so I’ll go with it. It was easier to go slower and I didn’t feel as many aches and pains. I figured if I have time for the hour walk I’ll walk slower. However, if it is a shorter walk then I’m going to try to walk faster. We will see how that all works out for me as time goes on and I get further into this pregnancy. I still managed to go twice my goal steps today, so go me. My goal steps aren’t as high as they are when I was running, but hey I’m still going to take it. 


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