Figuring it All Out 


Hey hey, 

So today I only lifted in the morning. I had a 9 hour shift, and figured sleep was more important. Actually, the past two days I’ve had ten hour shifts. So, as long as I’m not up super late tonight my goal is to walk in the morning before work and lift. My overall goal is to walk in the days that I don’t work ten hour shifts. Anyways, we will see how this works out for me. My husband can be trouble to sleep with because he comes home after I’m already asleep. It can wake me at times, but oh well. 

Today I did lift. My workout today was biceps and back. I could definitely tell my biceps haven’t been worked in awhile. It was pretty quick that I could feel the burn. Surprisingly, even though it’s been awhile since I’ve done biceps I could still lift the same. That’s always an accomplishment in my book. My back muscles are already sore from being pregnant. Thankfully, no crazy pain but enough it can be a nuisance at times. But at least I still can work my muscles. 


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