Late Nights


Hey Yall, 

I lifted in the morning before work. It took all the energy I had just to lift. We were up late last night while my dad finished up bailing the hay. My family is one that eats together, so we all waited. It is something I have come to respect, because it is super important to eat as a family. Anyways, that’s a different rampage for a different day. It was chest and triceps today. I’m sure I was a little more weak because I got up early to lift, and had not as much sleep. However, I know that when I get off work it is much easier to relax than workout. But I still managed to get a decent workout in because I could feel it when I took a shower and washed my hair. Today was another long day getting all the bails off the field. So I’ll probably just lift in the morning and not walk. These late nights are killing me and my exhausted body. But I get some great views here. 


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