Lets Move it, move it, move it


Hey Yall, 

I am for reals starting back at working out again. Starting a new job it always takes awhile to get back in the habit. Today I walked inside for time reasons. It was in between my doctor appointment and going to work. I didn’t go as fast as the 15 minute mile pace, so I didn’t go 4 miles. However, I still went an hour for walking. My goal is to keep going for an hour as long as possible, even if that means I don’t go 4 miles. According to my fitness watch, I still went the 4 miles. I figured I’ll take it. My little baby boy has been more active than ever. I can now see him pushing against my stomach when he moves. If he can be that active in the womb, I can make sure to be as healthy as possible. 

I also worked out my legs today. However, I made sure I didn’t over do it. It’s been two weeks since I’ve lifted, so I didn’t really want to push it to hard. It felt great to push my muscles again. I know for many people that just sounds crazy but it works. For some of the exercises I know I could have pushed it a little more, but I didn’t want to. At some points I feel like I don’t push hard enough just because I’m pregnant, but I also want a healthy pregnancy. 


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