Hey, hey

Today was one is those days that is really hard to wake up from. It was cloudy and rainy all day. However, I managed to still get my workout done. I’ll probably always put an easy lifting day on the last day of my workout for the week. Not easy on the sense that I don’t do enough, but that it just isn’t a long one. I ended up lifting while my mom ran. It definitely got me thinking about running again, but also just how strong she is. I mean my mom runs three plus miles roughly three days a week. She is a woman that I’ll always look up to, especially when it comes to watching her just keep running. On that note my dad is just as inspirational because he started running in the past few years. He always worked out but generally did the elliptical and not the treadmill. My mom might run because she enjoys it, but my dad tells me all the time he doesn’t. I think secretly he might a little (who knows). But about three times a week he gets on that treadmill and runs. Even though he may not enjoy it, it is nice to have another inspiration when it comes to running. My parents are amazing. 

Anyways my lifts today were for shoulders and abs. I didn’t do shoulders last week and I could tell. All week I’ve been able to increase weight or reps for my workouts but not today. While it’s not a huge deal, it is a good reminder that I should probably not skip them. I still think they are one of my weakest muscle groups so… My abs basically despised me today. Again, I only did abs once last week and generally I do them twice. I could tell. But I still think it’s important to try to work my abs being pregnant. Everything I’ve read says it’ll help in the long run. 

I’ve done this.

My walk managed to go well. Although my lower abdomen hurt going into it. Thankfully not while I was walking but in certain positions. I’m growing some more. It went by quicker then it normally does, which was nice. I’m not sure if it was the new show or what, but I’ll take it. Today was nice to have a decent walk after having some issues earlier. 


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