Growth Pain


Hey Yall, 

Today was bicep and back day. It was partly cloudy all day, so I was tired. I guess I should say more tired than normal. On the majority of my my lifts I managed to increase my reps. My last bicep lift I almost didn’t even get 10 reps done, since I increased my reps. My muscles had just about had it at that point and were feeling like jello. As for my back muscle lifts, I felt like they were really working my muscles today. The only down side is I have to limit my weight I can do. Basically I end up doing a bunch of reps for my back, which doesn’t feel the same as when you cab increase the weight. 

Today I walked inside for about two miles. I almost didn’t walk but I figured if I could at least get two in, while going slow things would be OK. Through out the day I felt some pain in my lower abdomen but it went away. One big downside to being pregnant is everything is stretching and growing, which is causing some pain. However, it’s nothing crazy. I’m a short person, so I’ve never really dealt with “growing pains.” I did walk outside around the land with all the puppies for awhile as well. It was nice to be outside, even if it was partly cloudy and windy. My walk went well, so I’m thinking I might just walk the 4 miles on three days and walk more easily the other days. I just generally feel like I need some sort of cardio to complete a workout. Probably because I’m a runner at heart. 


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