Hump Day or Bump Day? 


Hey Yall, 

I did not work out yesterday. I woke up with a crazy headache and other pregnancy symptoms I won’t mention (they are gross). Plus the weather was going through a crazy change, which caused some storms today. However, I did manage to finish my laundry and wash my brothers bedding. I’d say I was pretty nice sister, just saying. 

Today I did work out. In the morning it started raining for a little bit but eventually cleared up. I lifted in the morning before lunch. After I was crazy hungry but still waited a little bit too eat because it was way too early to eat lunch. My exercises worked my chest ans tricep muscles. I feel like I’m gaining some strength still, even though I have a weight limit. My reps keep increasing each week for the majority of my lifts. While I can’t measure my progress by weight increase, I can measure it by rep increase and how my muscles look. I’m feeling pretty good considering I’m nearing the third trimester and always tired. 

You can see my little bit of muscle. You can really see my belly.😂

My walk today wasn’t that great. The under side of my belly was not feeling great, and my hips are super achy today. While the pain wasn’t awful, it was enough to have me take a few breaks. I’m sure my belly and hip pain is because everything is stretching, thanks to my little one.  It wasn’t a great walk and it made me think about slowing down my walks. Honestly I’m probably just going to wait to slow down my walks for a little bit because tomorrow’s walk could be completely different. It all just depends on how I’m feeling. I’m determined to keep going my 4 miles in an hour for as long as possible. But time will tell how long that really will be. At least I finished it and still managed to walk 4 miles. 


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