Hot Nonsense


Hey Yall, 

Today I walked inside for very good reason. It is hot today. When the weather is above 90 degrees and humid, I don’t spend much time outside. Plus in the morning when it was cooler I had to go finish up some things for my new job. Anyways I still had a good walk inside. I’m thinking as I get closer to my third trimester that I might need to slow down my speed. I have some time to talk to my doctor and think about it but I might just slow down and still go 4 miles. We shall see as I still have a little time. 

I almost didn’t lift today. Everything for everyone in the home seemed to have got pushed back later. I try to always stay out of the way for my parents. However, my dad got finished and asked if I was going to use it. I figured I better get to it. Today was legs and abs. As I was doing squats I think at some point I got in a slightly wrong position because I could feel it in my knee. But on my second set I didn’t feel it and made sure I was in the correct position. I mean sometimes you just don’t realize you’ve twisted even just slightly for the position, but I got it before it became an issue. My abs I always feel for since I’m workng them out and I’m growing a baby boy. But oh well, I need some strength in them for when he comes. They say exercising reduces your chances of a c-section. Might as well do what I can. 


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