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So I was a slight slacker the past few days and didn’t really workout. I still walked around the land with the dogs but nothing crazy. Part of it was I had a doctor’s appointment on Monday with a specialist for my anemia. On Tuesday I had another doctor appointment with my normal OBGYN. Honestly, Tuesday wouldn’t have been that bad but they canceled my ultrasound and didn’t bother to tell me. I get that since I had one the day before I didn’t need it but when they called to remind me they said I still had an ultrasound. Oh well, it was great fun sitting there for an hour before getting in. After that I had to go get my brothers dog, who decided it would be great to go visit the town nearby. 

Today rained like crazy. I mean I was walking and then I stopped in the middle to use the restroom, and it had gotten significantly darker outside. My walk went well considering I was a slacker,  and didn’t do anything the past few days that was truly working out. Surprisingly enough my shins didn’t hurt near like they have been in the past. I know my last walk outside with my mutts they had pretty much quit hurting when I walked seriously. 

My workout today was legs and abs. Honestly, leg day makes me feel strong anymore. It’s the one muscle group I can go over 40 pounds on. The only lifts I can’t do that is my dumbbell squats and dumbbell calf raises. Thankfully it works out well since my legs have always been stronger than my upper body. My abs weren’t as appreciative of the workout. Especially for the planks, which I never go past 30 seconds on. I figure I better not push it too much while being pregnant. To me 30 seconds works perfectly since my stomach is only going to get larger. Today’s workout went great. 


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