Hey hey, 

Today was absolutely gorgeous outside. I spent the morning registering my vehicle back to my home state, which is mainly because my tags were expiring. But now I’m good for another year. I also walked outside again. In the morning I was having some pregnancy symptoms, which included a headache. I almost decided to just walk inside because I just wasn’t feeling it. However, I decided it would be good for my dogs to go on another walk and for me to get outside. I didn’t watch to see how fast I was going but just decided to really enjoy the walk. Somehow I still managed to go an 18 minute mile pace, even though I wasn’t trying. I also almost decided to quit my walk early but then thought better of it. I figured I was already almost too the half way point of a 4 mile walk so I might as well keep going. So that’s exactly what I did, even though I’m not sure my dogs really wanted me to. It wasn’t that bad because a breeze was actually going through the trail today. I did manage to almost trip a few bikers because they refused to tell me when they passed me. They weren’t just casual bikers either. I mean they were out training for a race. It’s really not hard to get my attention, since I never have my music that loud. But it was still a good walk. 

My lifting was easy today. It was easy by the fact it was just shoulders and abs, so I didn’t have a long workout. My muscles still were feeling it from the lifts but it was nice that it was short. By the time I went to lift weights I had done my errands, cleaned my bathroom, and finished my walk. I was feeling like I had no energy, but I knew I wouldn’t have time to workout tomorrow. So I pushed through and went ahead and lifted. Once I got started I felt a little bit better. But by the end of the day I was ready to do nothing and just relax and take a nap. Overall my lifting went well and I’m sure I’ll feel it tomorrow. 

You can see some muscle in my bicep 😊💪


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