Windy Nonsense 


Hey Yall, 

Today I walked outside because the weather looked gorgeous, and it felt gorgeous. However, when I first went outside at my parents house or felt cold because of the wind. So I grabbed a jacket and took it with me. But when I got to the trail all the trees blocked the wind, so I quickly got rid of that. I ended up going 4.15 miles and enjoyed every moment. For one thing I needed a change in my walk environment. My goal was to only stay around the 3.5 mph or roughly 17 minute mile. I wasn’t trying to go super fast, so I could enjoy it and not kill myself. 

My lifting went well. I increased my reps on my lat pull down and started feeling it. Today was biceps and back. I also felt pretty good because my curls weren’t as challenging. They were still challenging enough that I’m not increasing weight, but I didn’t feel like my arm would fall off at the end. It was a good workout since I increased reps and my arms are getting stronger. My chest felt sore today, so that was nice way to start off my morning. It was all good though because then I felt the little one moving around. 


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