Hey Yall, 

Yesterday I didn’t workout. I mean I walked around with the mutts but I didn’t do much else. I didn’t feel super great and had a headache. Honestly, I think at one point during the day I fell asleep. However, I did manage to finish my laundry. Sometimes that’s an accomplishment on its own. It’s important to listen to your body, especially if it seems like your dragging on energy. 

Today I did workout. I actually did my weights in the morning before lunch. My goal is to try to be out of the way of my parents, since they are working and own all the stuff. My walk went well and I didn’t feel like I was as bored and tired. Apparently taking that day off was necessary. I still walk at only half a degree incline but I’m thinking about going up to one degree. We will see. 

I also lifted today and worked out my chest and triceps. My butterfly and chest press on the machine I have started doing more reps. I can’t add any weight, since I’m at the max already. However, it’s always nice to increase reps. During one of my exercises I did something to the tendon or muscle near my elbow that is connected to my tricep. It bothered me slightly during certain lifts but it doesn’t seem to be anything serious. I mean I’m bound to have some aches and pains but it was still strange. 


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