Half way there


Hey Yall, 

My weekend was exciting! At least for me anyways, my husband might say otherwise. Saturday we went to the horse show. What my husband probably doesn’t realize, is that was seriously the best date I’ve ever been on. He may not have enjoyed it but every time I think about it I smile. Seriously people probably will never realize how much horses mean to me. Everyone has their passion. For instance, my Hubby’s is golf or sports in general, my brothers is hunting, and mine is horses. Plus horse shows are the one time I’m competitive, even if it is with myself. 

Today’s walk went well. It’s starting to get boring in the beginning and I struggle with motivation to keep going. Plus my shins hurt in the beginning until I jogged for only a minute and a half. I’m not sure if I just keep starting off my walk weird or what. Anyways they quit hurting, which is always good. I’m hoping I can keep up the speed of a 15 minute mile throughout my pregnancy (at least as close to the end of it as possible). However, as this child keeps pushing on organs and such who knows what will happen.

Officially at 20 weeks! Plus new workout clothes for my growing belly

My lifting was legs and abs today. I successfully went up in weight on the leg extensions. Since it’s lifting with my legs, I am pretty certain I can just lift more than 40 pounds. However, for my dumbbell squats I just increased in reps. I’m already at the 40 pound limit and that weight is above my waist. My plank for my abs were not great. My last one got cut by 5 seconds. I guess my body had enough or I got into my head (probably a little of both). Anyways it was a good workout, so that was nice. 

They finally fell asleep.


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