Sweet Child of Mine


Hey Yall 

Yesterday I took a rest day. I think it was very much needed, since I do cardio and weights every time I work out. Plus things are starting to make me tired quicker. I realize it’s a pregnancy thing,  but I’m still used to having energy for doing even more. However, this child of mine was active yesterday. Each day it seems like I can feel the movement even more. Today for instance my baby was active in the morning like crazy. Hopefully it doesn’t mean he/she will be an early riser.

It’s actually closer to 8:30, if not before now. 😴

Today’s workout was biceps and back. My biceps were feeling like jello by the end of it. I did hammer curls, incline bench curls, alternate curls, and concentration curls. Can I just point out how much I despise incline curls? Seriously, they are awful. I mean they work wonders and really work your muscle but that’s why they stink. My back is something that I’m bad about just being lazy on. I’m never really that worried about working it out, but I should be better. Anyways, I did dumbbell one arm row, close grip lat pull down, and cable seated row. The lat pull down I have to do a few extra reps because I can’t lift over 40 pounds. I need it heavier to actually work out my muscle by repetition works too.

She’s always happy to take a picture with me😂

My walk today went really well. Probably because I took a rest day. My body needed it worse than I thought (who would’ve thought). I can always get my baby to fall asleep (at least I think he/she goes to sleep) when I start walking. In the beginning I can feel him/her moving but by the end he/she is no longer moving. Generally when I’m done walking I take a break and eat a little something before lifting. At the point my little one starts stirring again. So I go lift and then go outside with my mutts, which usually puts him/her back to sleep. The baby gets active again before I go to sleep and after dinner. 

He just looks sad all the time 😂 he was just being a baby because he wanted something another dog had


3 thoughts on “Sweet Child of Mine

  1. Curious, how many sets of hammer curls, incline bench curls, alternate curls, and concentration curls are you doing and why so many exercises for your biceps?


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