Trying Tuesday 


Hey yall, 
So for today I decided to walk 45 minutes doing it at an incline. The first ten were at a six degree incline. The next ten were at an eight degree incline. I then decided to go for a twelve degree incline but only for about five minutes. Then I went back down to six degree incline for ten minutes. I finished it up at a four degree incline and the last minute or so was at a two degree incline. During this walk my head started pounding and it just felt more draining than normal. I’m pretty certain part of it is the crazy change in weather. The weather change seems to affect me worse now that I’m pregnant. Anyways I finally got through it and finished, but didn’t feel like super light headed at the end of the walk. 

My lifting was chest and triceps today. For my chest workout I did the butterfly, chest press on the machine, bench press with dumbbells at an incline, and incline dumbbell fly. I managed to increase my weights on the fly, so I was feeling pretty good. As for my triceps I did rope push down, dumbbell triceps kick back, and dumbell extensions. It’s been awhile since I’ve been able to do the rope extensions. My apartment gym didn’t have one, so I did a make shift thing. It was nice to have the real thing. 

She seemed to think that if she sat on me I wouldn’t leave

Today was cloudy and gross. My dog managed to trap a racoon and didn’t want to leave it alone. Thankfully it never escalated past her just barking at it. All the mutts got a visit from the neighbors dog today. It’s owner was constantly calling him/her back. Eventually the mutts got bored and let the neighbor dog go home. I’m sure they enjoyed playing though. I also had one an interesting interview for a job. It was one with a one way video interview. Something I’ve never done and it was awkward but at least it is done, so the next step is a face to face interview. 


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