Monday, oh Monday


Hey hey, 

It was another day of working out. I walked my 4 miles inside today. It was in the 70s but when the wind is 40+ more it tends to put a damper on it. Plus it helps if my mom runs the one dog and I walk the other two. She wasn’t running outside today, so I was inside. Anyways it still was a good walk and got me a good workout. I had the incline on the whole time but only at half a degree. Even though the workout area is freezing, I managed to still break a sweat. 

Just because it was crazy windy doesn’t mean I didn’t enjoy outside

I decided to change up my workout, partly because I’m pregnant but also so I don’t stress about it. Originally I had it worked out so I needed 6 days to lift. Well Saturdays we tend to be busy no matter what. So I changed it up a little. Now I only work out 4 days a week and work each muscle group once a week. I think this will help me to my get so worn out and to not over push it. Today’s workout was legs and abs. I seem to have a tendency to work out legs first, probably to get it over with. Anyways I did dumbell squats, leg curls, standing calf raises, leg extensions, thigh abductor, and thigh adductor. The thigh exercises really work my hip muscles, which I find to be useful for pregnancy. Plus since I broke my pelvis I try to workout that area for extra strength. I also did abs today. Working out that area seems to be very important when pregnant. My exercises were the plank, dumbell side bends, and dumbbell seated twist. Now for the plank I only held 30 seconds at a time. Partly because it’s been so long, and my dad kept making me laugh while I was trying to hold it (makes it a little challenging). I really didn’t go crazy on the abs because I figured I’m pregnant, and it’s not good for me to lay flat on my back (limits the exercises I can do). 


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