Spring Weather

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Hey yall, 

Today was absolutely gorgeous outside. I figured it would be a good day to walk outside. Now, I am currently living on a gravel (dirt) road. Generally this isn’t a big issue,  because I can run or walk on gravel. However, I am pregnant and took both my dogs with me. My mom ran with my brothers dog. I was never graceful before I got pregnant, and it only got worse after becoming pregnant. Needless to say, I walked on a trail that didn’t have loose gravel everywhere. 

The walk turned out better than I expected. I kept my pace between a 3.6 and 4.0 (basically a 15 minute mile and a little slower) the whole time. Considering I had two dogs, hills, and mud, I thought I did pretty good. I also figured I’d be slower because I had no one there to push me. Thankfully, I have learned to push myself. I ended up going further then 4 miles. I was curious when the trail would have the 2 mile marker, and I had started my watch before it said 0. My dogs would walk in the mud on the trail and seemed to get great joy out of splashing it. They also would walk along the side in the water. I didn’t care, since I knew that cement had to be hot. Plus they still kept up with me for the most part. 

I also worked out my legs today. They were still sore from Thursday… But hey that means I’m working my muscle. At first I thought maybe I should wait but I figured it wouldn’t kill me, so I would be just fine. It’s always nice to have sore muscles and then work them out again. Plus I’m feeling a tad bit healthier, since my family can afford all the healthy food. I probably shouldn’t get used to it… Oh well. My legs probably won’t let me go up and down the stairs tomorrow but such as life. The workout was intense as always and made my legs jello again. 

We wore them out


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