A Little Background 

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Hey yall, 

Today I took it pretty easy. I don’t just mean like I didn’t lift, so that made it easy. I mean I didn’t run or lift today. However, I did walk. It was a pretty easy walk of only 30 minutes. I think this is a good thing because my body is starting to feel the intensity of my workouts this week. I need a day to just rest it a little but since I walk some it makes me feel like I still did something  


I figured today would be a good day to give yall a little background of my fitness journey. When I first started blogging I was already in training mode for a half marathon. I had been working out and already losing weight by the time I had started this blog. It was there for me to write on in order to keep myself accountable, learn from others, and hopefully inspire someone. That is obviously not where it all started. 

Originally it started my senior year of high school. My mom had been wanting to run anyways and I guess just wanted a running buddy. So she talked to me and was like hey, you keep talking about wanting to lose weight come run with me. That probably was not exactly her words but yall get the drift. I didn’t do weights. The only weights I ever lifted were the ones in my physical education class. Yea… No one tried for those. My mom and I became the runners in the family. We were the crazy ones that went outside no matter what to get our runs in. I’ll forever be thankful my mom is not a judgy person when it comes to people trying to better themselves. I remember a few times I thought I was going to just give up and be done but she kept pushing me. Every other morning before school we were up and running. Even in the middle of winter we were outside running on the gravel. She was one to push me and keep me going. Sometimes she would guilt trip me into going out on the run, but hey it got me up and at it. During my senior year I lost some weight and I felt pretty accomplished. My mom and I got to the point we could run a 5k, which was are only goal at the time. 

First nice pair of running shoes ever.

Then I went out and started college. Oh the joys of college. It was hard to find someone else that was willing to get in shape with me. They were all like let’s go out and socialize. Well eventually I gave in and went and socialized. Now, we didn’t drink or do anything like that but we did enjoy food. A lot of food. We would stay up late playing cards and enjoying each other’s company. Needless to say I gained weight back and then some. It was a shocker to me. I’m pretty certain one day I just looked at myself and was like what have I done. I still tried to get people to go workout with me. I’m a very shy person and didn’t want to go to the gym alone. I got intimidated by the weights, weight machines, and all the cardio machines. It was a lot compared to what I was used to. I think eventually I convinced someone to go with me and I at least got my foot in the door. Looking back I’m not even sure how I got started. I’m pretty certain I went back to my roots and started running. I knew I couldn’t do what I used to but I was going to give it my all.

First time buying running pants and they were a size smaller then I had been wearing.

So I started doing research on how to lose weight and what was effective. During the course of my research I discovered Bodybuilding with some help from my father. It became my fitness manual basically. I looked at everything on there and did not research. I then got into lifting. It was crazy intimidating to go start lifting. However, it was about then I met my, now, hubby. I only cared about his opinion and what he thought. I started walking into that gym with just a little more confidence. I started lifting and doing cardio. If I’m remembering correctly, I would bike the half hour, lift,  and then run. I remember my excitement when I first started seeing my weight drop. I got compliments from people and felt like I could conquer anything. I kept that up for the majority of college. My last semester was hard because I moved to an apartment that only had a treadmill for its gym. After finishing my bachelor’s, I got married and was living in bliss. 

I had finally bought a dress that was a size small and I felt so accomplished and skinny. Plus I spent 3+ hours straightening my hair.

I did convince my hubby to get us a gym membership. Our honeymoon wasn’t until 5 months after our wedding because of graduate school. It was something that helped keep, at least me, motivated. We would go together sometimes but usually I went by myself. Our work schedules were weird because I was in retail, which didn’t help. As our gym membership was nearing an end, neither one of us went very consistently. I would still go out and run with my puppy but that was about it. Plus we thought we would be moving 8 hours away from our current place and made several long trips back and forth. The stress and inconsistencies of our lives at that point were starting to hit. My weight was slowly going back up. 

I constantly cringed at the scale. My mind would always be telling me all these excuses as to why it was OK I let it happen. However, once I convinced myself there was no such thing as excuses I got disappointed in myself. Well eventually that began to show up in other aspects of my life. So one day I decided enough was enough. I had always been the positive one in my relationship with my hubby and I planned on using that to my advantage. I decided I needed to get back at it. I stated tracking my calories again and really paying attention to what I was eating. It wasn’t until after we had moved across town and I had a free gym at my apartment I truly had no excuses. I now had access to weights and a close running trail plus treadmills. Even after that it took about a month before I got consistent at my lifting and running. They say after about 21 days it becomes a habit and eventually a lifestyle. Well I’m now past the habit part, so hopefully it’ll be my lifestyle for the rest of my life this time. Now I just need to get my hubby to make it a habit and he’ll be hooked like me. 

Getting back to where I used to be skinny wise. Oh so slowly

I know that was a lot but I hope it helps some of yall feel not so alone in the struggle. It’s not always easy getting into the habit. I’ve been going back and forth for almost 3 years and now hopefully forever. I hope yall realize that anyone can get where they want to be fit wise. 


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