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Hey yall, 

Today for my workout it was biceps and triceps. My arms were starting to give out on me near the end. I felt pretty accomplished overall with the whole workout. I increased my weight for the majority of the exercises. I’m counting my hammer curls as half increased because I used my body to help lift them. Generally I would have just increased my weight a little bit but, again, my apartment gym doesn’t have all the weights. However, I still managed to finish everything. 

For my run today I felt a little defeated. I was starting to get inside my own head. Thankfully I have an amazing hubby who supports me and encourages me. He was always telling me to get out of my own head and just enjoy running. I do still enjoy it but on the longer runs I think I get in my head because I need to go so far like I used to. I have to constantly remind myself that I’m starting over from hurting myself and need to just relax. Plus I get super bored in the treadmill and haven’t had time to mess with Netflix. Hopefully on Sunday I’ll have time to mess with it. Towards the end of my run my hubby was coming home from lunch and came in to support me. It’s like all I needed was him to just be there and I felt like I could do it again. 

I do hope everyone has an encouragement person in their life. It’s vital for all aspects of our lives. We need someone on those days that we just feel like we can’t keep doing it. For the moments that life has us pinned down that one encouraging thing could help us win the fight. Having an encouraging person in your life is important and something will always help you. It keeps us going always. 


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