It’s Winter Weather 

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Hey yall, 

Today for my workout I had to walk in the nice freezing weather. I’m sure people thought I was insane because I just had a sweatshirt on top of my workout clothes. As the weather gets colder I’m sure I’ll need to start wearing sweats as well. I’m excited about the weather because it means snow and I love snow. 

My workout today was back. Hazzah! Thankfully for these exercises I was able to increase my weight. It kinda sucked at the same time because my muscles were screaming. Literally… I’m just kidding but they did feel the burn. The only one I had trouble with was my reverse bent over dumbbell row. My apartment gym only had one of the dumbells I needed. It made me a little uneven but I figured a way out. I felt pretty successful, since I had to be at work early. 

My ab workout I felt crazy accomplished in because I managed to increase my time for my planks. It’s been awhile since I’ve gone that long on planks. I mean I get 45 seconds isn’t that long but you have to realize this was after working out my back, and three other ab exercises. One of these days I’ll get better at them and back to where I was. I also think I might invest in ankle weights because my hanging leg lifts are getting easier. I guess that means my abs are getting some sort of muscle. 

I also decided to walk the my cardio today. On accident I think I hit the hill button instead of fat burn today, which is fine. I still did it and finished it. It changed up my cardio a little bit, so that helped some. My legs still felt pretty weak from my runs and lifting, but I kept on pushing through. Especially, since I was only walking and there was no running. However, the incline did go up to seven degrees that was more than I was expecting. It still got my heart rate up and I felt good afterwards. 

Not my most attractive picture, but that sums up how I felt


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